So, The Kentuckty Derby is now RAAAAACIST?

Good Freaking Grief! H/T Moonbattery where Dave Blount lays it out

The explicit purpose of moonbattery (a.k.a. cultural Marxism, critical theory, political correctness) is to erase our civilization. One tactic for achieving this is to establish part of our culture as “racist” and therefore intolerable. This Racist Zone will continue to be steadily expanded, until it has engulfed every aspect of society.

BINGO! The Left cares nothing about discrimination, fairness, tolerance, or anything else. They care about one thing, destroying this nation.

Already the spreading gangrene of the Racist Zone has consumed whole chapters of American history. Having eaten up everything that has any meaningful connection with race, it is now expanding into other areas — such as horse racing:

There will not be a Kentucky Derby party at Dartmouth College this year because some students allege that one of the nation’s most prestigious horse races is racist. …

Back in 2015, a group of Black Lives Matter protestors targeted an exclusive Kentucky Derby party hosted by the ladies of Kappa Delta Epsilon – calling the event overtly racist and “recreating an Antebellum South atmosphere on the Ivy League campus.”

The protestors accused the party of being a “bastion of racism, exclusion and oppression.” They chanted, “What is Derby? It’s the face of genocide” and “What is Derby? It’s the face of police brutality.” …

To right the terrible injustice — the sorority ladies met with members of the university’s Afro-American Society. …

That was these ladies first mistake, they should have told the thugs to piss off rather than assuming they would gain anything bu appeasing BLM. You cannot appease Leftist thugs

Shortly thereafter, Kappa Delta Epsilon decided to change the Kentucky Derby theme “because of its racial connotations.”

This is all the more connection to racism that is needed to erase part of our culture:

“[It is] related to pre-war southern culture,” KDE vice president Nikol Oydanich told The Dartmouth newspaper. “[The] Derby was a party that had the power to upset a lot of our classmates.” …

Again, Dave Blount nails it

The antebellum South is politically unclean. Therefore, everything that reminds anyone of it must be abolished. You didn’t think they were going to stop with the Confederate flag and Dukes of Hazzard reruns, did you?

Of course not, I, and many others have been warning about the Cultural Stalinists for a long time

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