In the history of suckage, Communism sucks worse than anything else that ever sucked!

I give you, Venezuela! Via Moonbattery

As Milton Friedman famously said,

If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand.

Confirmation comes from socialist Venezuela, where Obama/Hillary/Sanders types have consolidated control over the economy. The country is floating on oil, yet due to Big Government there are chronic shortages not only of food, diapers, toilet paper, et cetera, but also of energy.

Rejoice comrades! More government means less work:

Venezuelan workers will get Fridays off in the months of April and May, in a bid to save energy in the black-out hit country, the president said.

President Nicolas Maduro said Venezuelans will have “long weekends” in an appearance on state television on Wednesday night, announcing the measure as part of a 60-day plan to fight a power crunch.

Good thing Venezuelans don’t need electricity in their homes. They can just sit in the sweltering darkness and think pure thoughts about the nobility of collectivism.

Last month, Maduro tried shutting down the entire country for a week to solve the energy crisis. It didn’t work.

Dropping reliance on hydroelectricity and letting a free market provide electricity by whatever means prove most economically efficient would have the lights on quickly. But that might expose Venezuelans to the menace of income inequality.

Ah yes, “equality” the panacea of leftism. Equality? Sure equality of destitution, squalor, poverty, sub-standard health care, and starvation!

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