Your Easter Links

The Right Scoop leads off with more peaceful Trumpbots Mysoginy anyone?

Bookworm Room highlights Leftist Fascism, yes, Fascism IS a form of Leftism

Fausta covers Obama’s disgrace in Argentina

Independent Sentinel: The National Enquirer story is likely complete BS

Mike McDaniel: North Carolina Highway Patrol’s boner

New Zeal: You want substance? Senator Cruz has some 

Nice Deb: Obama dances while Brussels burns

The Razor looks at “cultural appropriation” and has a video of a Japanese rock band, with a beautiful lead singer

90 Miles has the Cultural Iceberg

Fritz highlights another dumb move by Congress 

Animal Magnetism has some B.S.!

Barking Moonbat has the death of free speech

Bearing Arms: Duty to protect

BCF: Yes, Islamism is a dire threat to Muslims too

Blur Brain, three cheers for Karma!

By Other Means: YEP!

Doug Ross: Top Jihadist Claims Brussels, Paris Are Terror Rehearsals for ‘Big’ Attack Inside U.S..

Edge of the Sandbox Trump, the Perpetual Victim

Fire Andrea Mitchell: Paying murderers NOT o murder?

Gay Patriot has the quote of the year at the end of this post

Goodstuffs has a great post up about, Cuba, Chinese beauties, Olivia Munn topless, and other stuff

Gun Free Zone: Don’t be this guy

IOTW Report: Lookout it is the Food Police

It Ain’t Holy Water: Now that is funny

Matt Walsh: Shame!

Moonbattery: Sleazy Trump

Pirates Cove has his Sunday Pin Up Post and If All You See

PoliticalClown Parade has a hilarious video

Proof Positive has Best of the Web AND a Friday babe,  AND a Vintage babe

RRR: Now THIS is funny!

Last Tradition: Religion of Peace kills again

Lonely Conservative: Don’t blame me for having principles

Smitty: Cruz is real!

The Other McCain: Feminists be Sociopaths! And impossible to parody

The Right Way: Ivy!

Wired Right loves the rain

Wyblog: Cutting down 15,000 trees to build a solar plant to save the planet?

Barn O Rama Wow

Feral Irishman notes that Cubans are still not so high on Cuban Communism

Knuckledraggin has pancakes MMMM

Miss K has a peaceful scene

Soylent has coffee, and women in mind

Crazy Uncle Bubba closes us out with, well, hot women

More to come

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