Truths of life

Just some ideals I have embraced over the years

Those who are loved have the power to deeply hurt those who truly love them. There is no greater cruelty than deliberately hurting those who love you.

Of all the treasures of life, I treasure liberty the most.

Principles matter most, they always have and always will. Promises from a principled man are a blessing. Promises from a person who holds no principles, is like a poison that consumes those foolish enough to drink them in.

Do not confuse education and wisdom. Many fools are “educated”many beyond their hat size. Wise men embrace simple truths, which are evident to those who take the time to grasp them.

There is no more fundamental right than that of self-defense. Those who seek to curtail that right seek to crush all your liberties.

Those who bleat for equality, forget that it is incompatible with liberty. A government that legislates “equality” wields the power to both define and enforce it. So empowering such a government will eventually lead to Totalitarianism, and an equality of misery and slavery to the State.

Taxes have but one legitimate purpose, that is to raise revenues. Taxes that reward, or punish behavior, are antithetical to liberty.

If you love someone, tell them. Even if they reject your love, that sorrow will be less for you than the sorrow of never telling them.

Beware those who seek to take your arms, for they really desire to take your liberty!

Marxism, and all it bastard ideological children are evil.

The radical Atheist hates the American ideal of freedom of religion for one reason above all others. Their freedom to NOT worship, and to NOT believe in God, comes from, God himself. Such an irony they cannot stand.

Those who seek to erase, or censor our history are not seeking tolerance, they are seeking Cultural Stalinism.

No, America is not perfect, but, if every nation was like America, there would be no terrorism, or war, or genocides.

Yes, some religions and cultures ARE superior to others!

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