Sunday Links

Your Crazy Uncle Bubba has, well, Goodness

RadAss has WOW!

Miss K has classy hockey fans

KnuckleDraggin explains taxation

Hookers and Boooze is puzzled by Trumps popularity too

Feral Irishman has some wisdom

Nod to the Gods has a classic Tweet

Double Trouble has some random hotties

Soylent has a Captain America trailer

The Lid ponders why Trump supporters refuse to see the obvious

Wired Right has some humor 

Theo Spark has an example of human trash

Bookworm Room notes Dennis Prager talks about evil 

Fausta reports on how Communism is killing Venezuela

Trevor Loudon: Yes, Cruz can still win 

Mike McDaniel: Did you ever notice how college Feminuts lie? 

Puma by Design: Yeah, those anti-Trump “protesters” are kinda Left-Wing agitators

90 Miles: God these college kids are STOOPIT! 

Fritz: Tell me this is a joke 

Political Clown Parade: Communism is like an old, broken down car 

Animal Magnetism has news and Rule 5 

Bob Owens: No, your grief does not justify lying to trample human rights 

Blazing Cat Fur: Religion of peace? or Ignorance? 

Bluebird of Bitterness: You gotta love dogs 

By Other Means has some funny 

Daniel Greenfield: Youmerica! 

Suckers on Parade: Screw your “privilege” 

Doug Ross Team Obama is stuck on FAIL! 

EBL: Francescamania!

Gay Patriot: Thugs are celebrated by the Left 

Big Fur Hat: Damnit Stella! 

It Ain’t Holy Water: Liberalism is Statism

Maggies Notebook: More Climate Change lies 

Matt Walsh: Calling out the turncoats 

Moonbattery has the news that riots, according to this fat bag of camel dung, are not violent 

Pirates Cove has his Sunday Pin Up Post! 

Proof positive has Friday Babe! 

Reaganite Republican has Funnies! 

Last Tradition has Raquel Welch

Lonely Conservative: I guess the media missed this story 

The Other McCain has Rule 5 AND Feminuts get their crazy on! 

The Right Scoop: The candidate with really small hands and the really BIG obsession with Megyn Kelly

More to come

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