Two words for those offended, butt hurt, or aggrieved by the views expressed by me on this humble blog

I understand that some might be stricken with Offendeditis by the things I write at times. I understand that Trump supporters, Liberals, establishment Republicans, overly Social Conservatives, you know, the kind of folks who protest Hooters and wear a blindfold in the shower, Leftist, Progressives, Black Lives Matter thugs, gun control cultists, radical Atheists, Palestinian apologists, angry Feminists (beauty is only skin deep but the UGLY of Feminism goes to the bone), whiny college students cowering in their safe spaces, any man who wears a sweater vest, yes, that means you Rick Santorum, and members of the Gore Cult of Climate Change might experience extreme butt hurt while reading my takes on issues. I understand your pain, and I do not give the first damn about it! Nor, frankly should I care about your overly sensitive nature. There are two words that flash in my mind every time I hear any of you complain. Those two words?

SO WHAT! This is America, and freedom of speech can be messy at times. GET THE F@#&* over it! In short grow up, get over your over-inflated ego and stop whining. You want to shut me up? Fine, prove me wrong, it is that easy! Except of course, I am not wrong, and deep down those that whine are hurt BECAUSE the truth offends them! Again, SO WHAT? In fact here are some more things that certain people need to hear, even if it leads to an outbreak of Offendeditis

If Rubio and Kasich “cared” enough, they would drop out and endorse Ted Cruz. You want to “stop Trump”? Cruz can, so get out of the way!

If the GOP establishment had a lick of common sense, they would stop their talk of brokered  conventions, tell Mitt Romney to shut up, and support Cruz!

Radical Atheists? they are no wise, or better educated at all. they are simply angry little people who are persistently aggrieved because the source of their freedom “from religion, comes from the one God they mock!

Gun control zealots? They, KNOW the stats, yet they prefer more Americans be victims of crime because they are Collectivists, and loathe Individualists more than anything else. Face the fact, nothing smells of individual liberty more than armed citizens.

Any “Conservative” that has ever tried to stop a Hooters from opening because Hooters girls would cause teen boys to think about sex, is a buffoon. It is , say it with me, NATURAL for teen boys, and all men to think about sex. It is how the species is propagated! Face it, men think about sex every five seconds, I have thought about it at least 30, 40, A lot time while writing this. Hooter girls do not cause it folks. And really, only thinking of Ann Coulter naked can stop it, at least for me. Did I mention that Ann Coulter is a publicity seeker who has lost every bit of her Conservative cred with me? OOPS, I guess I just pissed off Ann Coulter fans, yes, all five of them. BTW Ann, eat SOMETHING for God’s Sake!

I could go, on, and on, but I think you get the point here.

21 thoughts on “Two words for those offended, butt hurt, or aggrieved by the views expressed by me on this humble blog”

  1. Doug, I agree completely that the GOP leadership should (and they should have long ago) stop all their crazy talk and get behind the Cruz campaign, but the fact remains that they hate Ted just as much as they do The Donald. They have no intention of supporting either of the two top candidates in this primary race, and they will pull any stunt they can to insinuate an establishment RINO into the mix at the convention.

    That being the case, the pragmatic thing for Cruz to do – should he continue to lose 2 to 1 to Trump – is drop out and throw his full support behind the only outsider left who can reach the magic delegate number and keep the likes of Mitt Romney or some other establishmentarian squish from stealing the nomination and fracturing the party irrevocably.

    Cruz has the leverage right now to grab the VP slot, but if he plays his hand out to the bitter end, neither he nor Trump will have the delegates needed to avoid a brokered convention, and if Ted believes he has the support to win that sort of contest, he’s delusional.

    In the final analysis, we as conservatives have to ask ourselves if we’d rather lose outright and watch the GOP collapse under an ever-increasing weight of RINO stupidity and spinelessness, or if we’d be better off having at least some influence in the next Republican administration with Ted Cruz as the heir apparent for the next available GOP nomination.


    As for all those Offendeditis victims out there, they can kiss my Irish ass! I do not get offended by people whose opinions differ from my own. For instance, Gator Doug and I can have respectful disagreements about what should or should not happen next in the GOP primary race, but none of his opinions would offend me. The only thing that does offend me is people who have utterly closed their minds to the opinions of their fellow right-wingers, and I have witnessed that phenomenon in spades over the course of this election cycle.

    My position with regard to the primary race has always been – and continues to be – that if you don’t like Cruz, don’t vote for him. And if you don’t like Trump, don’t vote for him. But whatever camp you’re in, don’t tell the people who disagree with you that there’s something wrong with them for supporting the guy they believe will get us where we need to go. No, Cruz is not an habitual liar nor a devious cheat, and no, Trump is not a shill for Hillary nor devoid of any specific plans for our country’s future.

    The fact is that both sides have their strong and their weak points, and both sides have said and done unscrupulous things to try and gain more support for themselves. Hmmm… politicians bending the truth and casting their opponents in the most negative light possible… what a shocker!

    I thank you for your time.


    Ann Coulter went full-blown, batshit cray-cray a long time ago. At first I thought she was just trying to sell more books, but now I’m convinced that she needs to seek professional help. I shall pray for her full recovery.

    1. Regarding Ann Coulter – Respectfully disagree. Regarding Trump, I will be voting for him. I will still read your blog. Very interesting and I share many of your thoughts, except the few I just mentioned. So what? Love it.

  2. Another classic from Doug Hagin. The truth laid out, told with humor so serious it’s unforgettable, undeniable, no matter your election choice.

    There must be some kerfuffle going on about Hooters that I’ve missed. When my Mom was in her early 80s I took her and my equally-aged aunt for lunch at Hooters –– because neither wanted to leave this world without seeing it for themselves. The place was full of business men. Everyone treated the two ladies like queens, and rushed to help them hike themselves onto the tall stools. The photo taken there was still on my Mom’s dresser when she died.

    So Doug, I believe Cruz would not be in the positive position he is now if the establishment had not felt forced to focus on Trump, who opened the door to tough talk on immigration. The door has stayed open to tough talk, in general, and made it more difficult for the GOPe to knock it back from Cruz.

    My senator, Jim Inhofe, endorsed Kasich after he endorsed Rubio. Inhofe is generally a man of principle. In matters of the federal budget, more a pragmatist (and one of the few areas I have disagreed with him). He did not stand so much for Kasich, as he stood against Cruz.

    I am a Cruz supporter and have been since before he announced. I am stunned that the most hateful, unsubstantiated opposition to Cruz comes from Trump supporters. I am NOT stunned that the U.S. Senate would rather give the country over to Hillary than to Ted Cruz.

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