Man’s best friend indeed


While the Nuttall family were sleeping peacefully, Jedi did everything in his power to wake up a little boy’s parents to alert them his blood-sugar levels were low.

Seven-year-old Luke was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was just two years old and while most children are afraid of the boogeyman, this boy’s fear is that his blood sugar will rise or fall too rapidly.

Luke’s Star Wars pal, Jedi, is trained to alert US parents, Donnie and Kevin Nuttall, to any emergencies in his glucose levels.

Ms Nuttall, has to check his blood sugar levels 8-10 times a day and has to wake up every couple of hours at night to check her son’s levels.

On March 4, only five minutes since Ms Nuttall had tucked her little boy in, Jedi jumped on and off the bed Luke shared with his parents.

The exhausted mother rolled over and glanced at Luke’s Dexcom device and saw his glucose level was at 100, a stable number, and tried to go back to sleep.

Jedi decided to lay on top of Ms Nuttall and stayed there until she woke up to examine her son’s glucose monitor.

To her surprise the reading was normal, but Jedi wouldn’t let her walk away and he bowed continuously, doing exactly as he was trained to do if he sensed Luke’s blood sugar levels had gotten too low.

Ms Nuttall realised that Jedi knew that something was terribly wrong.

She pricked her son’s finger and received a blood sugar level that was failing fast and almost half as high as the one on the monitor read.

The quick-thinking mother woke her son and gave him a glucose tablet and sat there monitoring the shockingly low number on the screen.

Jedi often sleeps beside Ms Nuttall and her husband and is trained to wake either of them immediately when he smells Luke’s blood sugar suddenly drop or rise.

Jedi was adopted from the Canine Hope for Diabetics in California and the family have had Jedi since he was an 11-month-old puppy.

He is trained to recognise change in blood sugar levels by smelling changes in Luke’s chemical composition from as far as across a playground.

If Luke’s blood levels become too low, Jedi will bring the blood sugar checking device to Ms Nuttall and bow.

If it is too high, Jedi will bring the device to Nuttall and wave.


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