The 25 BEST Damned Blogs as of now

Here they are, in no certain order. These were picked because they are the favorites another blog, which deserves to be listed, but is not because I am too humble. Damn my humility is exceeded only by my greatness. But seriously, these are, to me the most useful, insightful, informative, funny, prolific, and politically INcorrect blogs going today! 

Pirates Cove– for busting the chops of the Gore Cult of Climate Change

The Other McCain– for exposing the radicalism of today’s colleges and the radicalism of “Feminism”

The Right Scoop– great eye-opening videos

Weasel Zippers– maybe the best source for news of Leftist madness

Moonbattery– because someone has to call the bastards of Liberalism out

Bearing Arms– firearm news- commentary and a fierce defense of our right to own firearms

Stately McDaniel Manor– Great, insightful writing on crime, guns, and Conservatism 

Theo Spark, if I have to explain why, you have never read it

The Lonely Conservative– Loads of content, ad great defenses of Conservative ideals

The Rio Norte Line– A thinking American’s kind of blog

The Reaganite Republican– If Reagan were alive he would read this blog

Proof Positive– A good read anytime

Political Clown Parade– Humor, commentary, and creativity galore

Nice Deb- Simply too good to miss

Michelle Malkin– Still my blogging role model

Maggies Notebook- Invaluable

Independent Sentinel– A must read

Doug Ross– a legend and rightfully so

Diogenes Middle Finger– A bit of everything for the discerning patriot

Daniel Greenfield– Wisdom anyone?

Campus Reform– Wanna know what Leftist insanity is going on in universities?

Camp of the Saints– I like Bob Belvedere, even if he hates me

Bookworm Room– You like to think? Then read this blog

A View From the Beach– A beach of Conservatism, without the sand and sunburn

90 Miles From Tyranny– Addictive, in a good way

And, although I said the top 25,  I cannot exclude these two funny, irreverent blogs Feral Irishman, and Knuckledraggin My Life Away

9 thoughts on “The 25 BEST Damned Blogs as of now”

  1. I must add my thanks to the chorus of thanks and join you in cursing my humility, which, frankly, is much, much better than yours!

    I find myself in exceedingly good company here. I have most of these good people bookmarked and linked, but there are still one or two I need to check out. Thanks!

  2. Used to frequent The Right Scoop often every week. Unfortunately, once Trump won the primaries TRS purged all their Trump-supporting readers from being able to post comments. Once a place of lively discussion, their comment section is now a shadow of its former self.

    Silencing those you disagree with is a leftist thing, not a conservative thing. Just my observation.

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