Backwards on race, and everything else, why “progressives” are now pushing segregation

Progressives, of course, are actually regressives. Imagine that true Liberalism, which fought the moral evil of segregation, and of racism has been bastardized into today’s Progressivism, which is actively fighting for a new, Leftist segregation. Independent Sentinel has the latest example

ESPN has launched a new website called The Undefeated aka Black Grantland which they own but will have nothing to do with because it’s an all black site with all al black employees – all black journalists.

Separate but equal!

“We want to give some opportunities to a new generation of [writers of] color,” ESPN executive vice president Marie Donoghue said of ESPN’s efforts to raise the diversity quotient in sports journalism.

Diversity now means separate blacks from whites?

Since we started hyphenating Americans, we’ve added to the sense of disenfranchisement and lack of unity in our culture. It is especially disconcerting seeing blacks and whites being treated in a way that Martin Luther King Jr. did not want to see.

Sports writer Jason Whitlock said he wants to work for a black platform, “so that what [he’s] saying can be heard in context.”

Ah, Whitlock is saying something of great interest here. He is saying that skin color somehow affects how we hear things? How pathetically foolish this man is. He has bought into the left’s propaganda that skin color defines a person. Now he is helping the left push this propaganda. Useful idiot anyone? 

“Dr. King,” Whitlock said, “sacrificed so we could get this opportunity.”

However, Dr. King said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” He didn’t say let’s keep the races separate but equal.

That the left would, on one hand,  hold up Dr. King, and with the other attempt to trash his call for color-blindness is not a surprise. Leftism is an ideology of convenience. The end goal, is not to unite people, or to make us “one”. The end goal for the left is to instill Leftism (Marxism) in America. To do that the left has used a strategy of division, racial divisions, socioeconomic divisions, gender divisions, age-based divisions, religious divisions, sexual preference divisions, there really is no end. You name any category you can think of, and the left has tried to divide Americans on the category.

And the left has not stopped at dividing, they now are actively pushing racism against certain people. People who dare think differently than the left would have them think. People who dare to be White, the Left now insists that all Whites are “privileged” and racist by their very existence. The left also increasingly pushes for separation of the races on college campuses, which are now big “safe spaces” where indoctrinated leftist students must never see, hear, or be challenged by anyone who is not a leftist. Some examples

Marxist feminist Sharon Smith told students at the University of Maryland last week that “family values” are really just the way that capitalism perpetuates sexism.

Addressing members of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) student group last Friday as part of a book tour for the new edition of Women and Socialism: Class, Race and Capital, Smith asserted that she need only say the words “Donald Trump” to prove that modern society promotes “rape culture and porn culture, as well as generalized misogyny,” a condition she described as symptomatic of the capitalist system.

Look, I do not like Trump, but to associate him with rape, in any way is simply asinine, but again, the goal of the left is to incite anger, bitterness, and division. Here are more examples

MSU Police Department establishes ‘Inclusion and Anti-Bias Unit’

Black feminists at UMD shame classmates for violating their safe space

Prof. says he won’t be labeled as something ‘violent,’ so don’t call him white

Even giving common sense safety tips to young women at colleges is now sexist somehow

On Monday evening, the Claremont University Consortium Campus Safety Office sent out a message warning Claremont students about a potential rash of Xanax and other drug-laced drinks at recent CMC parties.

“Over the past two weeks, the Dean of Students Office of Claremont McKenna College (CMC) has received information that three on-campus parties may have involved students providing Xanax-laced or Rohypnol-laced drinks,” the message read. “While this information is unconfirmed, the allegations alone are serious enough that I wanted to alert our students of what CMC has heard. We will continue to investigate these allegations, as such behavior is highly concerning to all of us, dangerous to those who consume the drinks, violates the Student Code of Conduct, and cannot and will not be tolerated.”

The email continues:

“These allegations are a reminder to be mindful at all times of what you are drinking and to keep an eye out for your fellow students. While this is a small campus and we would like to trust our fellow students, accepting a drink that was made by someone else or that was put in a cup that you did not bring yourself is risky. If you do not maintain constant visual contact with your cup, something can be slipped in it quickly and without your knowledge even if the drink started out fine. Being vigilant about the source of your drink as well as the integrity of your cup once it is in your possession decreases the risks of anything being slipped in your drink. Please help us keep our campuses safer.”

What could be the harm of this? Well a rational person would not find anything untoward about giving information that might keep someone safe, but the left sees only another chance to divide

Some students were concerned that the email was an example of “victim-blaming” and “rape culture.”

“This is a message from campus safety in response to multiple students being drugged on Claremont McKenna’s campus. This is disgusting. This is unacceptable. This is rape culture,”wroteone student in a widely-shared Facebook post.

“By no stretch of the imagination is it the fault of the drugged students that our campus is made unsafe. “Constant visual contact with your cup” is physically impossible, and ridiculous to expect out of anyone. Especially someone drinking alcoholic beverages. (Like ?????) This is textbook victim-blaming, and it is coming right from the people who are hired to protect us,” the student continued.

You might have to read the statement above several times to convince yourself it is real. Nowhere are victims blamed, nowhere is rape promoted, in fact the exact opposite is true, but, again the left is about division, anger, and creating “victims” of, well, everything. And, apparently everything includes advice meant to prevent students from becoming actual victims. Besides, rape should, according to the left, reserved for those pro-lifers, who somehow have it coming

Here are some more links you should peruse

UConn decides “separate but equal” ain’t that bad

Iowa State ‘Social Justice Summit’ teaches ‘redistribution of resources’

AU students are ‘f***ing sick’ of conservatives on their campus

Gonzaga fears conservative speaker would undermine its ‘social justice mission’

Public university claims that its property isn’t public, so First Amendment doesn’t apply

Civil rights group challenges UConn over ‘self-segregation’ program

Duke grad student equates defending free speech to white supremacy

UC Irvine students compare campus police to ‘slave patrols,’ demand they be eliminated

I could go on, and on, and, well you get the idea. Here is one more to highlight the left’s campaign of victimhood. Because you are can only be a good little leftist if you are perpetually angry, bitter, and, of course, a victim!

The University of California, Santa Barbara’s Multicultural Center will host a “microaggressions workshop” in February to help students, faculty, and staff with “identifying and challenging micro-aggressions in higher education.”

According to a screenshot of a message to students from the MCC that was posted to Facebook by UCSB student Carlos Flores, the workshop will be held on Feb. 17, and free tickets are available upon request until the space is filled.

The communique outlines three main goals for the event: “raising people’s consciousness about the harms created by everyday micro-aggressions,” “sharing in the responsibility of disrupting micro-aggressive practices rather than assigning blame to specific individuals,” and “learning how to create MICRO-AFFIRMING spaces that foster equity, inclusiveness, and people’s strengths.”

And, of course, if you disagree with the left you are just a capitalism supporting, micro-aggressing, gun-toting, Bible-thumping, Ted Cruz-voting racist who thinks baby humans are more important than baby whales!

11 thoughts on “Backwards on race, and everything else, why “progressives” are now pushing segregation”

  1. “By no stretch of the imagination is it the fault of the drugged students that our campus is made unsafe. “Constant visual contact with your cup” is physically impossible, and ridiculous to expect out of anyone. Especially someone drinking alcoholic beverages. (Like ?????) This is textbook victim-blaming, and it is coming right from the people who are hired to protect us,” the student continued.

    I guess that it would be cruel or insensitive of me to dare this fool to go out this weekend, lose sight of her cup for 30 minutes, before going back to it and guzzling down a drink laced with spanish fly or whatever they drugging people with these days.

    At the same time, it is obvious that her parents never had that discussion about safekeeping one’s beverages when in “‘da club.”

      1. True, and of course they get these ideas from the Left don’t they? These idiotic ideas are fostered in universities

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