Sunday Links and Thoughts

Dig in folks, here are your best blog links for a Sunday, and a few thoughts from me, thrown in for free!

Is it just me or does Ann Coulter have a hard time staying consistent? Remember she swore ONLY Chris Christie could win in 2012, THEN she said no, only Mitt could win when he was the one candidate the Left wanted to run against most. Then in 2014, she went on the warpath against Ted Cruz, the Tea Party, and anyone who supported Conservative primary challengers to long-time establishment RINOs like Pat Roberts. She told us we could not try to unseat these establishment pols because we must WIN the Senate to repeal Obamacare. Yeah, BRILLIANT move Ann. Now she is the ultimate anti-establishment voice. 

Can this woman make up her damn mind already? Oh, sorry, I forgot, she is too busy latching on to Trump because PUBLICITY!

Like many of us, Bookworm is heart-broken over Scalias’ passing Independent Sentinel reminds us that our liberties hang in the balance because Scalia is gone. 

Speaking of self-defense and guns and essential liberty, no one advocates for the right to keep and bear arms than Mike McDaniel who focuses on protecting schools, and Bob Owens, who ponders why “women’s magazines” are trying to indoctrinate women to have irrational fear of guns and men who own guns Wired Right looks at the big lie about the “gun show loophole”

Ah, those Trump supporting birthers need to be slapped upside the head with reality about “natural born” Trevor Loudon does a great job of that John Lott Jr. tries to explain eminent domain to Trump Doug Ross has lots of Trump thoughts The Right Scoop: Did Trump flip, or flop first Rio Norte warns about Trumpism Protein Wisdom: Hey where IS that cash Trump raised for vets?

Nice Deb has a great post that exposes some hard truths Noisy Room looks at some of the lies and smears about Ted Cruz  Proof Positive looks at lots of great links Miss K lays some wisdom down! Wyblog looks at Liberals attacking Bernie

90 Miles ponders how foolish the new Canadian PM really is while Fritz notes how loony the animal rights wackos are Astute Bloggers notes how foolish the media is for ignoring Jihad in America The Other McCain asks who hates America more Hillary, or The Bern? The Lonely Conservative points to the feds “helping parents raise their kids”

Animal Magnetism appreciates brunettes Wirecutter defends himself against ignorant smears Bluebird of Bitterness has puppies Blur Brain has Pics BY Other Means: We are FU@#&* Moonbattery has some pushback!

Many people argue over what Conservatism is, this is pretty close

I Love Bacon goes organic Feral Irishman has some NSFW Rule 5 while Double Trouble has some less scantily clad beauties and The Chive has Asian gals Theo has, wow Last Tradition has Stefany Romero The Right Way has a Friday Babe

A Nod to the Gods speculates as to which Communist Obama will nominate for the SCOTUS Speaking of Communists, The Lid talks about Antonio Gramsci Satanists for Sanders? Why the Hell not says That Mr. G Guy

You can learn a lot from a Liberal. Like when they claim our Constitution is a “living” document, yet attack Conservatives for believing in what the Constitution actually says. Originalists they call us, originalists who take the Constitution seriously. How else would any sane person take such a document?

Blazing Cat Fur notes that single-payer healthcare kinda kills people Pirates Cove has his usual Sunday Pin Up Post Old Virginia notes that pretty much everything is offensive now

Regular Right Guy notes that Jeb is, well  Reaganite Republican has Sunday Funnies PCP is mocking Hillary’s mustard outfit? 

Well there you go folks, enjoy your Sunday

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