Scalia: The Best Justice Of Our Generation (Joseph Farah)

Scalia: The Best Justice Of Our Generation – Joseph Farah


Antonin Scalia, a stalwart of constitutionalism on a Supreme Court too often marked by a majority who believed they were the law of the land, is gone.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who loved him most – his family and close friends.

But, truly, today Americans have reason to pray for their country in his absence.

It’s a dark day for the Constitution and the rule of law.

Darker still because his successor could be named by a president who is salivating at the opportunity to appoint Scalia’s polar opposite to the court.

There is only one thing that can stop him. The U.S. Senate.

Since Americans elected Republicans to a majority in the upper house, the GOP has too often given Obama everything he wanted.

There’s been no opposition in Congress – not since Republicans took the House and not since they took the Senate.

The question is, with just nine months until the next presidential election, will this event awaken Republicans to the seriousness of what this vacancy means to the future of the country? Will Republicans in the Senate use their legitimate authority to thwart Barack Obama from leaving a lasting legacy of this magnitude on the court? Do they have the intestinal fortitude and the courage to fight an appointment from Obama which will inevitably be a horrible one?

Scalia was more than just one of the good guys on the Supreme Court. He was a legal genius. He was an inspiration. Even when he cast his opinion in the minority, his voice was one of searing conscience and principle. He would not easily be replaced by the best president.

You can be sure Obama will make his appointment count for everything he stands for – all of which is bad for America. America can ill afford another lifetime appointment to the court by Obama – especially considering who that nominee is replacing.

If ever there were a time for the Republicans in the Senate to take their duty seriously, for the very preservation of American jurisprudence, this is it.

It’s not a time for appeasement. It’s not a time to seem “reasonable.” It’s not a time for moderation.

It’s a time to pay tribute to Antonin Scalia and what he represented throughout his life and his tenue on the bench.

It’s time to fight to preserve America and the rule of law.

Maybe you say, “Farah, you don’t even know who Obama will appoint. How can you argue for disapproval?”

I’ll tell you how I know.

Obama has made good on his pledge to transform America. He has never disappointed his “progressive” constituents. He won’t do it with this opportunity either.

It’s time to be honest. Obama is incapable of nominating a good Supreme Court justice.

We’ve seen his track record.

It’s not time to get along. It’s not time to play nice. It’s time to save America.

The Senate has the power to do that. It’s controlled by Republicans. No Republican should sit by and watch Obama pack the Supreme Court with one of his ideologues.

It’s time to rally opposition now – even before Obama acts.

We need to put the Republicans in the Senate on notice. Any one of them who gives Obama a pass on this needs to go. This is what America voted for in 2014 – to stop the conciliation, to ignite some opposition, this is the moment when all Republicans will be asked to do the right thing.

Even in the absence of Scalia, the Supreme Court is now much weaker than it has been.

Republicans shouldn’t worry about being accused of playing politics. They’ve been playing politics too long. Now it’s time to get to work and be the opposition they were elected to be.



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