Video- Rubio rocks answer to question on abortion

I have said it before, there is a lot to like about Rubio, and this is one of those things

As good as Rubio was on that question, and as correct as he was last night on Obama’s actions being deliberate, he looked very bad when he kept repeating that line verbatim. Christie thrashed him. I wonder if that one exchange will damage Rubio with voters.

I also think Rubio missed an opportunity last night to address his “Gang of 8” fiasco. When asked if he fought for that bill, Rubio made the point, several times, that the bill had no, and has no hope of passing. He pointed out, correctly, that the American people will not allow such a bill to pass now. He should have taken the opportunity to say that the bill would have been a disaster, and that ever supporting it is his greatest regret.

If Rubio is to ever get past that Gang of 8 stunt, he must repudiate what he did, and vow that “as president, I will never sign a bill that grants blanket amnesty.

2 thoughts on “Video- Rubio rocks answer to question on abortion”

  1. Problem is that he also rocks immigration questions also: One way for Spanish media promising Amnesty before fixing the border and then tells us that is is not for amnesty and the border needs to be closed before anything. Notice him sounding like anyone else named Obama.

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