OK before the “big game” read these blogs folks, reading them might just save America, and, if you do not read them, TrumPig will come to your house and call you a Canadian loser who eats Canadian bacon, opposes eminent domain and stole the Iowa Caucus from Donald Trump

Yes, TrumPig! He is a GREAT PIG!


Now the links

Bookworm Beat has the BookWorm Beat! 

Pirates Cove has the Sorta Blogelss Sunday Pin Up Post and also Hillary getting nailed on Benghazi and Emails by a former supporter

Soylent Siberia has some Sunday Beauty

Miss K has an example of good trigger discipline

Wirecutter has laundry issues

Feral Irishman has issues with Common Core

Double Trouble has coffee issues

Nod to the Gods has another “Could have been Obama’s kid” gone very wrong

Fausta: Quit wasting time on the Cruz/Carson Nontroversy!

Independent Sentinel advises us to fear “beautiful revolutions”

Mike McDaniel is having a deep, meaningful discussion about boobs and legs

Nice Deb says-Shut up about boobs and read my Saturday Movie Matinee Post!

Trevor Loudon: Trump is Jimmy Carter’s pick?

Noisy Room has a good take on what Islam fears

Puma has the greatness of Reagan

Right Planet shows us Cuba before Communism, and after

Glittering Eye: Well, who could have seen this coming?

Wyblog: Ever notice how ironic irony is?

Weasel Zippers has human trash

357 Magnum So now, Gay people are offended by straight people making out?

90 Miles: Is she holding a banana or is she just happy to see me?

Theo Spark-ObamaCare still sucks

Proof Positive has Cheerleaders and Best of the Web

Suckers on parade has Fishnet Friday

The Right Way has the Friday Babe, and Rule 5 links`

Last Tradition has Mileena Hayes

Political Clown Parade There goes the Race Baiter in Chief again

The Other McCain: Feminism means SHUT UP!

Lonely Conservative: Here come the open border RINOs

That Mr. G Guy has had it with Starbucks

Fritz: Alyson Michalka

Animal Magnetism: BLONDES!

Astute Bloggers: Liberals are fools

Bearing Arms: That ain’t self-defense

Blazing Cat Fur: That ain’t peaceful

Bluebird of Bitterness: Old school ads

Blur Brain: Would be Jihadist targeted church because it was a gun free zone

Bob Belvedere: REALLY Sarah?

Daniel Greenfield: Saluting Rebels

Don Surber: Dana Milbanks hears dog whistles

Doug Ross: Larwyns Linx

Rio Norte: ThunderDome?

Reaganite Republican: The case for Cruz

Protein Wisdom has a great cartoon

Gay Patriot: Hillary is the bitter old womens candidate

Goodstuffs Blogging Magazine

Never Yet Melted: Now THIS is funny

Moonbattery: Cruz = Consistency

Here’s My Thing: Hilary Duff in a bikini

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