Yes, Communism still sucks

Fausta brings news that should surprise no one who has studied history. Venezuela,a nation that should be prosperous, isn’t. And, despite embracing Communism, which promises equality, and fairness, and “power to the people”, Venezuela is embracing the suckage in the human rights department

Simon Wilson reports,
Venezuelan government’s abuses are laid bare in new Human Rights Watch report

It will not come as too much of a surprise however that, out of all the governments in the region, it is the Venezuelan government that has been subject to HRW’s strongest criticisms. The American NGO cites accumulation of power under the executive and a lack of judicial independence as factors contributing to a serious erosion of human rights and a culture of state impunity running rife in the country.

Leopoldo Lopez is not the only one persecuted,

Worryingly however, it is not just high profile political leaders who are subject to the scrutiny of the authorities. The report highlights just how much the National Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN) has become an ominous presence in the life of any Venezuelan who dares criticize the government publicly. Cases cited include the detention of a doctor for criticizing medicine shortages on television and an engineer who was quoted in a newspaper criticizing government energy policies.

But, but, what of equality you might ask. Equality is at the epicenter of Communism isn’t it? Well, sure, and to be entirely fair, Communism does deliver on that equality promise to  large degree. Problem is it is almost always equality of misery, and slavery to an all powerful central government. Equality? No government can promise such a thing unless it is powerful enough to control your income, and the supply of things you want and need.

Besides the lack of basic foods, shortages in Venezuela have critically affected health-care products as well. Approximately 70 percent of essential medicines, and 80 percent of medication for chronic diseases, are disappearing from store shelves, putting millions at risk, according to the NGO Codevida.

This is why Venezuelans take to social media, especially Twitter, to see if a charitable soul either has or knows someone who sells a particular medicine. However, even this desperate strategy is no longer working.

“The problem is that there are no medicines in Venezuela. Not even solidarity on social media is helping now, because they have disappeared from the country’s shelves. We warned that in February and March the situation would be worse,” Francisco Valencia, director of Codevida and a former transplant patient, tells the PanAm Post.

But, of course, the Communist vermin who are destroying Venezuela blame the people for being greedy

Last week, Health Minister Melo claimed that the shortage was due to Venezuelans “irrationally consuming medication.”

“To suggest that people are hoarding medication,” Trapani counters, “is irresponsible. They evidently buy more than they need, because you never know when you’ll find it again.”

In Cecopdap’s petition, he documents a series of cases where children have died because they couldn’t find the medication they needed in time.

“For the minister, the ‘revolution’ is evidently her priority, not solving the serious shortage. The only irrationality here has been the government in its handling of funds to buy medicine. The comptroller general’s own report says so. Venezuelans are going through enough to have a minister accuse them of causing the shortages,” he says.

Ah, but the shortages hurt everyone, so, equality! And, as long as folks in Venezuela are equal, why should they NOT all suffer poor dental hygiene as well? Toothpaste? The central planners will decide how much toothpaste you need

Secretary of Health, Luisana Melo, called on the Venezuelan people to brush their teeth only 365 times a year, because “we all need to unite to combat the economic crisis.

Venezuela generated controversy in the words of the secretary bless youLuisana Melo, to justify escaces toothpaste in there.

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