Iran to get much needed funds to sponsor more terrorism and build nukes

Thanks Obama! William Teach lays out what this means

(The Hill) The United States on Saturday lifted sanctions against Iran and announced that four Americans held prisoner in the country will be returning home, in a whirlwind day of diplomacy that cements President Obama’s engagement with Iran as a pillar of his legacy.

The United Nations’ nuclear watchdog certified Iran has fulfilled its promises to prevent it from building a nuclear weapon, after decades of tensions, years of negotiations and months of work to implement the international nuclear deal reached six months ago.

The State Department confirmed moments later that the nuclear deal is now implemented, thereby lifting a slate of sanctions.

In Vienna, Secretary of State John Kerry touted the step as a vindication of diplomacy in the face of doubters.

“I think we have also proven once again why diplomacy must be our first choice and war a last resort,” Kerry said.

John Kerry is, perhaps the most glaring example of why idiots should never be given any power. William Teach sums up the stupidity of Kerry and this deal

Again with the strawman argument that we either go to war with Iran or have peace. Of course, said peace breaks down to Iran pinky swearing to not work on developing nuclear weapons for somewhere in the range of 8 to 10 years, at which point they are pretty much free to do whatever they want, leaving a future president to deal with the mess, all while Iran is flush with cash from selling oil, and flush with even more influence over the Middle East. How does this future president reign in Iran at that point? Would they have any standing to get Europe and the United Nations on board when it’s learned that Iran is once again developing nuclear weapons?

Yes, the Leftist Obama has simply ensured a far greater chance of a more costly war in the not too distant future. Frankly, the pacifism of the left has caused more wars than it ever stopped. You cannot successfully pursue peace through weakness and vacillation, yet the left falls into the same trap every time. Teach also links to Marco Rubio, who lays out exactly what this disastrous measure means

As our men and women in uniform were being used as propaganda props by the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism, President Obama was preparing to provide their hostage takers with upwards of $100 billion in sanctions relief and endorse an Iranian nuclear capability.

That relief will begin today, the so-called “Implementation Day” of President Obama’s deeply flawed deal with Iran.  Iran will receive much-needed funds to expand its regional aggression and its support to terrorist groups like Hezbollah.

By channeling this money to Tehran and giving the mullahs international legitimacy, the Obama administration is fueling the greatest growth in Iranian power since the Islamic Republic was established in 1979. What’s worse, for months Iran has telegraphed in word and deed how it plans to utilize this newfound power—namely, to dominate the Middle East and threaten American security.

When President Obama announced the nuclear deal last July, he expressed hope for a new era of cooperation with Iran. Ever since, Tehran has mocked him. Missiles have been fired near a U.S. aircraft carrier.  Iran has violated an international prohibition on tests of ballistic missiles only to have the United States back away from imposing new sanctions for fear of upsetting Iran.  Iran continued to take innocent Americans hostage in an effort to eventually free criminals imprisoned in the U.S.

So now the only real questions are when does the bill on this latest Leftist venture into capitulating to tyrants and mad men come due, and how much American blood will it cost to correcting the foolishness of the worst leader in our nations history?


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