Just call me Mr. Irreverent

Lately, I have felt a deep need to be, well, irreverent. Maybe I am just so fed up with the utter stupidity I see all around me. Or maybe I am just fed up with Republicans who are afraid to be Conservative. Perhaps I am fed up with the Trumpbots who seem as thin-skinned as Liberals. Maybe, just maybe, I am well past finished coddling the sensibilities of uninformed Liberals who do not have a clue, yet insist on preaching to the rest of us. Maybe I am through with the notion that as a Conservative, I must hide my views. Maybe I am tired of some overly social conservatives who think the Constitution is great, until something offends them, then want the FCC, or some court to save them from their case of Offendeditis. In truth it is all of those things that has caused my need to thumb my nose at the whiners in our society, and in our political world.

So, here are some other irreverent folks, with “offensive” comments, pics, jokes, etc.

Miss K mocks our president

Soylent has some NSFW pics, If you are offended, hide your eyes, and remember to wear a blindfold in the shower

Knuckledraggin says be yourself, and screw anyone it offends He also manages to offend Feminuts,  Overly Social Conservatives, and members of both the Cult of Gun Control, and the Gore Cult of Climate Change with just one pic! EXCELLENT WORK!

I Love Bacon, is very insensitive

Feral Irishman asks what would the media do if the races were reversed

Double Trouble has some sexy colors

Crazy Uncle Bubba insists the science is settled

A Nod to the Gods has some offensive pics and by offensive I mean funny, and thought provoking

Wyblog offers up the death of our privacy, and liberty

Weasel Zippers: Idiot Alert!

The Right Way has many offensive links that will deeply offend Feminuts

The Right Scoop has Deion Sanders crying RAAAAACISM

The Other McCain is pretty damn COCKy

Last Tradition: Evamania

Lonely Conservative: Hillary is a fool

That Mr. G Guy: Hmmm where is Obama on this “gun violence”?

Shall Not be Questioned raises an interesting point

Say Anything: Obama has praised gun confiscation

Saber Point might offend some with this bit of history

Reaganite Republican: Dear God WHY?

Proof Positive has offensive links, a Friday Babe AND a look at Obaama’s gun control sideshow fail OFFENSIVE

Political Hat: WTFingF?

Political Clown Parade: Have you ever noticed how much Obama loves Obama?

William Teach has Brooke Burke Bikini Madness SEXXXISM! Not to mention his ultra offensive Blogless Pin Up Post no safe spaces there!

Nice Deb has the smoking gun Hillary has feared

Neo-Neocon discusses the Founders attitude towards that “Religion of Peace”

Moonbattery looks at Muslim taxi drivers attitude towards women in New York. This is highly offensive, since, you know, Islam has NOTHING at all to do with Islam

Minority Report, which is offensive because of the word “Minority” in its title has a story of a woman using an evil gun to stop a young man who likely supported “common sense” gun laws.

Mike McDaniel looks at John Kerry, and fellow disgrace John Kirby

Michelle Malkin who is the most politically incorrect person I can think of exposes the ugly truth about noted scum bag Father Pfleger

Sentry Journal has an interesting theory about Trump and Cruz, and no, it isn’t that one

Doug Ross: Yeah, about that silent Muslim protester at the Trump rally

It Ain’t Holy Water sums up my thoughts on Power Ball

Big Fur Hat: I will NOT write that headline

Independent Sentinel: Noted idiot Hank Johnson strikes again

Gay Patriot has an honest answer 

EBL: Twitter declares war on  Twitter Outlaw

Blues Blog celebrates the Irish

Bob Owens: Self-Defense nothing is more offensive to the Left

Animal Magnetism likes the red heads

Angry Mike is not very sensitive at all

Adrienne calls out a Fascist fool

Fritz objectifies Ashley Benson OFFENSIVE!

90 Miles, it is only a matter of time until Zombies become a victim group beset by trigger warnings!

That is a wrap, remember kids stay irreverent!

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