Sunday, already? Time for me to start a diet, and for y’all to check out these blogs

OK, let me see if I can shed some pounds by cutting out fast food, and high-carb foods, and instead eating proteins, salads, veggies, and some fruits. So, off to the local Winco later, LOVE that store, after I kick off my new diet by eating a steak, salad, and some broccoli at my favorite steakhouse while I watch football.

As for the rest of you, read these links, and pray for my diet

Pirates Cove is always a must read, especially his Sunday Sorta Blogless Pin Up Post

The Right Planet has a great piece on the idiocy of our #gunsense president

Puma by Design asks, What could possibly go wrong?

Independent Sentinel: Cars? You Right Wingers don’t need no stinkin’ cars!

Vox- Scalia is right on religion

Conservative Treehouse has the full story on the Oregon goings on

The Other McCain: What is wrong with Equality you ask?

Gateway Pundit: Ah, more thuggery for the media to ignore

Pam Gellar: Why the Left will shut their eyes to the latest Jihadism

Political Clown Parade has Al Gore and a BS meter

Moonbattery: How Ted Cruz spent 2015

Proof Positive has your links, you Friday Night Babe, AND some vintage babes

Doug Ross has some great links as well

90 Miles-Hot girls, motorcycles, wash, rinse, repeat

Fritz: Bacon at a mosque an issue for the Feds?

Adrienne’s Corner: SAUSAGE!

Angry Mike- BABES!

Bearing Arms: CNN and Obama sitting in a tree…

Blazing Cat Fur- The Canadian is, how shall we say this… STOOPIT

Blues Blog: Obama wants us all to be Chicago

Blur Brain: Belgium battles Islamist “Youth”

Bookworm Room: Random thoughts

Mike McDaniel has a comparison between Obama World and reality

Nice Deb has Saturday Movie Matinee action

Regular Right Guy is giving out awards

Lonely Conservative: 18 things that suddenly became racist in 2015

The Right Way has some great Rule 5 links

Last Tradition has Shakara Ledard

Feral Irishman has random pics

Knuckledraggin has your Redneck Engineering of the Day

Soylent has Bath Night NSFW

More later folks

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