Campus Reform: The Year in Microaggressions

Quite a list, here are a few highlights

The past year proved to be one in which everyone was offended by everything. From mistletoeto Columbus Day to cafeteria food, it seemed nothing was off limits to the hyper-PC movement.

As a way to unwind and gear up for the craziness 2016 is sure to bring, Campus Reform has selected the seven smallest, most absurd things people were offended by in 2015.

You’re going to need a microscope to see these “aggressions.”

3. Ivy league student: joking about pronunciation of ‘Cool Whip’ can lead to ‘binge drinking’

Back in January, a student at Princeton University claimed teasing people for pronouncing the “wh” in “Cool Whip” as “hw” is a microaggression and could lead to binge drinking. In an op-ed in The Princetonian, titled “The history of ‘wh’: a microaggression,” Newby Parton claimed his peers repeatedly ask him to “say Cool Whip” and “make a spectacle of it,” which can “cause anxiety and binge drinking.”

7. U-Cal. system: saying America is ‘land of opportunity’ a microaggression

The University of California school system distributed a list of “microaggressions” to all of its faculty members in order to “broaden faculty leaders’ capacity to support faculty diversity and enhance department and campus climate toward inclusive excellence.” According to the list, statements asserting that “race or gender does not play a role in life successes” are offensive and perpetuate a “myth of meritocracy.” Examples of statements of this kind are “America is the land of opportunity” and “I believe the most qualified person should get the job.”

Well, whoever came up with this is certainly not qualified for any job.

Go read them all, you will laugh, you will cry, you will want to punch a Leftist. Oh no, did I just use a Microaggression?

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