Old Navy makes a commercial, Offendeditis ensues

Good Freaking Grief some people love being offended, even over nothing.  H/T The Right Scoop which offers the video of the OFFENDING spot

The video brought some howls of discontent from transgender folks outrageously outraged because Fred Armisen, the actor in the video, is not actually transgender. Others were angry because the Fred was a man dressing as a woman. Good Grief! SooperMexican states the obvious fail of all of these whiners

Does no one understand that Fred Armisen is a comedian and he’s just pretending to be a girl? He does it every single week of his show “Portlandia,” and yet everyone is offended all over the place!!

Seriously folks, you oversensitive whiners are killing freedom of speech. Get a sense of humor!


2 thoughts on “Old Navy makes a commercial, Offendeditis ensues”

  1. The story about the mittens was funny, about the texting and the snow balls.
    I laughed at that.
    Merry New Year to you all out there!!!

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