NBA decides to slap a good portion of their fan base in the face by teaming with the Cult of Gun Control

You might think, given how “sensitive” big corporations are about “messaging” that a massive entity like the NBA would steer completely clear of gun control. I mean they must be aware that most Americans are NOT on board with the Bloomberg groups and their insidious attacks on gun owners. You would think the NBA would just keep being about hoops, and not offend much of its fan base right? WRONG!

Gun ownership has hit record highs in the United States at the precise moment that per-capita firearms homicides are the lowest they’ve ever been in recorded history.

What a brilliant time for the National Basketball Association to stick it to their fan baseby jumping on board for a gun control campaign with Michael Bloomberg’s often-discredited Everytown for Gun Safety.

The National Basketball Association, alarmed by the death toll from shootings across the country, is stepping directly into the polarizing debate over guns, regulation and the Second Amendment with an unusual advertising campaign in partnership with one of the nation’s most aggressive advocates of stricter limits on firearm sales.

In a move with little precedent in professional sports, the N.B.A. is putting the weight of its multibillion-dollar brand and the prestige of its star athletes behind a series of television commercials calling for an end to gun violence.

“Gun violence” is now and has always been a myth, especially the dishonest tally compiled by gun control supporters. They include accidents, suicides, and justifiable homicides (self-defense shootings) to inflate a figure than should only include criminal homicides a whopping 375%.

The NBA’s decision to push Everytown’s dishonest propaganda is especially obnoxious when we consider how armed citizens in NBA cities such as Detroit haveanswered the call of law enforcement officers to carry concealed weapons to thwart crime.

American sporting leagues such as the NBA and NFL have come under fire in recent years as they’ve decided to step into the political arena.

We don’t see how joining forces with an organization like Everytown which has continually lied about 100+ million America’s gun owners is a remotely rational decision, especially as lawful gun ownership among the young and urban markets is surging and violent crime continues a multi-decade decline.

I suppose this is how Liberal arrogance works. They simply can never grasp that their opinion is flat out wrong, or that most people think they are out in left field without a glove. Clearly, the Liberal knuckleheads who run the NBA are caught up in appearing to embrace a “cause” even if that cause is completely fallacious. 

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