Your Sunday LinkaPaloozaFestMania

We start with 1389 Blog, which has some troubling news about ISIS printing fake passports

Pirates Cove has the usual, and always great Sunday Pin Up Post up

PC Free Zone features the asininity of Obama’s chief propagandist, Josh Earnest

Victory Girls: Ever notice how Leftists cheer tragedies

90 Miles cheers Ted Cruz and his take down of the Gore Cult of Climate Change 

Woodsterman has Rule 5 thong improvisation

Now a short break for parenting genius

Suckers on Parade has your anti-gun bingo

Goodstuffs has bouncing boobs

Political Clown Parade has ZEN

Bookworm Room has a great read

By Other Means has girls and guns

EBL notes a douchebag in Austin, Texas

TLT The end for Carly’s run?

Fritz has ObamaCare’s multiple failures

Nice Deb has Saturday movie time

Doug Ross has a must read link post

Proof Positive has the Friday Babe a vintage babe and a tremendous link fest as well

Another break for Gluten Intolerants!

Astute Bloggers does not trust Trump

Pirates Cove has Hooters girls and a firetruck

Moonbattery notes what has happened to South Africa

Among the Joshua Trees has some history

Angry Mike has DHS incompetence

Animal magnetism has a lovely red head

Bob Owens destroys a NY Times pathetic gun control column

Blazing Cat Fur: The Left will never win on guns

Bluebird of Bitterness: Angry cats

Blues Blog: Now THAT is funny

Blur Brain has great pic dump

Bob Belvedere: You ever notice how stupid those “non-violence” folks are?

Campus Reform: Oh no, some college students are offended

Let us pause for some Seger

Daniel Greenfield looks at the Lefts inability to fully condemn terrorism

Maggies Notebook Ban of certain “immigrants” already US law

Michelle Malkin: John Kerry, Idiot

Mike McDaniel keeps us up to date on the Freddie Gray case

The Minority Report has a Marxifornia to Texas translation guide

Newsbusters: Melissa Harris Perry still digging in the Pit of Eternal Liberal Stupidity

The Right Scoop has my biggest fear, that Trump will cause the GOP to lose

Lonely Conservative The Middle Class is vanishing

The Other McCain: The Cult of Feminism

Weasel Zippers: Yes, a 7th-grader was forced to cover his Star Wars shirt

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