Your Sunday Links

As I digest another college football Saturday, and another ugly win for my Gators, hey 10-1 is 10-1, and the pork shoulder I smoked yesterday (my first attempt at smoking a shoulder for multiple hours using only a rub), yes it was good, esspecially the burnt ends, here are some links to get you through this Sunday

Pirates Cove has the Sunday Blogless Pin Up Post up, it is always a must read

Protein Wisdom has news of “glitter beards” for douchebags only of course There are actual photos here, God help us

Is your college student child a weirdo, whiner, or just a pain in the Ass! The Other McCain asks

Adrienne says ENOUGH!

Allen West exposes the lies about those “well-vetted” Syrian refugees

Blazing Cat Fur: Yes, most of the Black Lives matter rabble are simply self-entitled brats

Don Surber: Obama should get as tough with ISIS as he does with Conservatives

EBL: I got you yoga pants right here!

Fire Andrea Mitchell: Wanna guess what was found in Brussels terror raid?

The Best of the Web? Proof Positive has it and Oh Paulette

Doug Toss: Move along, this has nothing to do with Islam

Theo has great political cartoons

Nice Deb checks in with her great Saturday Matinee post

Reaganite Republican: Did you ever wonder why

Fritz: Women CAN fish in bikinis

Last Tradition appreciates Eva Marcille

By Other Means has a feature on breasts

Bookworm Room has some thought-provoking going on

Lonely Conservative: Marxifornia strikes again

Political Clown Parade has zen

Politically Incorrect Conservative: Infreakingsane!

GoodStuffs has, well some good stuff

90 Miles has one cute girl

Big Fur Hat- The Obama Paradox

Double Trouble- Funny cards

Feral Irishman: Femme fatale

Bearing Arms self-defense rocks

Moonbattery: Another hate hoax

Animal Magnetism: Gee ya think?

Bluebird of Bitterness: Happy birthday NRA!

Maggies Notebook: WEASELS!

Michelle Malkin: College whiners

Mike McDaniel-Advice to college presidents

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