Hate Hoaxing Leftists

If RAAAACISM is so prevelant, why do so many Liberals fake hate crimes? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Some hate hoaxes are deliberately mendacious bids to advance the cultural Marxist agenda and gain sympathetic attention. Others are more likely to be the result of hysteria, low IQ, and a desperate eagerness to find evidence in support of liberal ideology. Clarke Perkins may be a moonbat and a moron, but don’t call her a liar:

LSU student and Reveille [a student newspaper] columnist Clarke Perkins freaked out on Twitter [Thursday] as she mistook a lightning ground wire hanging over a branch for a noose. Yup. You can’t make this up. She tweeted [Thursday] morning:

THERE IS A NOOSE HANGING FROM A TREE AT LSU BY COATES. I shouldn’t have to see this walking to class. WOW.

The ground wire was hanging high in a tree because it came loose after a branch fell on it.

Typically, the liberals in charge capitalized on the incident to reinforce their commitment to rigidly intolerant “tolerance” even though they knew it to be yet another false alarm. Louisiana State University educrats blasted out a righteous email:

Earlier today, LSU was notified of the potential that an extremely offensive symbol had been found on campus.

Though this proved not to be the case, we want to emphasize that racial intolerance will never be permitted on our campus.

Also typically, even after she grudgingly and belatedly admitted that the wire was not a noose, the phony victim brayed that her foolish misperception constitutes evidence that she is in fact oppressed:

I was wrong, it was a wire that fell. But if black students were more accepted here, I wouldn’t have thought a noose.

She imagines the oppression is real, therefore it is real. This literally insane reasoning is encouraged by the P.C. authorities.

Oddly enough this “victim” might need to look in the mirror to confront HER racism


So, saying Black people like fried chicken is RAAAACIST somehow, I never figured that one out myself, everyone loves fried chicken, which is SOUTHERN food. Not White, not Black, SOUTHERN! But if a Black woman says Whites should stay out of Popeyes, that is NOT racist? Liberal logic at work there.

Besides Popeyes has the best “fast food” fried chicken. I mean it isn’t grandmas fried chicken and definitely not my Great Aunt Flora’s fried chicken, which along with her biscuits and peach pie are, I am convinced, now served in Heaven. Yes they were that good!



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