Your Sunday Links

William Teach as the greatness of Blogless Sunday!

Politically Incorrect Conservative notes at least one media member is pointing out the lies behind the Mizzou debacle

Political Clown Parade has Hillary as a pretend Marine

EBL suggests more bacon in our diet

Feral Irishman has serenity

Goodstuffs Cyber World has a must see post

Knuckledraggin love a good breeze, and this lady

The Right Way has a great Friday Babe

Proof Positive has The Sunday BEST and the Friday Babe, and a classic beauty

Last tradition has a chocolate fetish

Doug Ross: That Hillary really is a big fat liar!

Legal Insurrection has “peaceful” Palestinian stabbings

Moonbattery: Trying to change your 6 year-old’s gender IS child abuse

Reaganite Republican: Some Pat Condell wisdom

South Park destroys “Safe Place” pansies

Theo Spark has Andrew Klavan

By Other Means has gals with firearms

Suckers on Parade has Fishnet Friday

Fire Andrea Mitchell has something to ponder

Go wish House of Eratosthenes a happy birthday

Nice Deb has her Saturday Movie Matinee

Fritz has some Sandra Bullock

Bookworm Room has some funnies

1389 has news of a Muslim majority city council in Michigan

90 Miles From Tyranny has more on the evil behind college speech codes

Hump Day News from Animal Magnetism

Bearing Arms has ten tips to survive a terror attack

Bluebird of Bitterness has some great links on college Fascism

Campus Reform features the foul-mouthed hatred of #BlackLivesMatter

Daniel Greenfield sums up the crybaby culture

Maggies Notebook has some awful news

More links later

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