Yes, the college students engaging in “speech codes” and “safe spaces” nonsense are, indeed, Fascists

Alan Dershowitz, a Liberal, gets it

DERSHOWITZ: Well, this is the same people who claim they’re seeking diversity. The last thing many of these students want is real diversity. Diversity of ideas. They may want superficial diversity of gender. Superficial diversity of color, but they don’t want diversity of ideas. We’re seeing a curtain of McCarthyism descend over many college campuses. You know, I don’t want to make analogies to the 1930s but we have to remember that it was the students at universities who first started burning books during the Nazi regime. And these students are book burners. They don’t want to hear diverse views on college campuses.

When I went to speak at Johns Hopkins University, there were protests. It was said that because I won’t acknowledged that Israel commits crime against the Palestinians, I am, quote, “harassing students” and violating the ethical standards of John Hopkins University. By expressing my opinion, I am harassing students. This has become a very serious problem not only in American universities, but in universities around the world, as well. And it is influencing and having a terrible impact on the education of students.

KELLY: You have spent your life in a court room and on college campuses, on one in particular, and it is an elite institution. When you go to college, you know, as my 100-year-old ‘nanna’ would say, at least it was when I went to school, you go and you express your freedom and you find your — it’s young adulthood and you want to do all sorts of things and you don’t want anybody getting all up in your business. But now, now, they’re demanding that the school get all up in everybody’s business and the freedom has to stop when it comes to words.

DERSHOWITZ: No, it’s the worst kind of hypocrisy. They want complete freedom over their sex lives, over their personal lives, over the use of drugs. But they want mommy and daddy, and dean and president to please give them a safe place, protect them, from ideas that may be insensitive. Maybe we’ll make them think. But it’s a double standard. Look at what’s happening at Hunter University, city university of New York. Students for Justice in Palestine have issued a petition saying Zionist administrators are causing high tuition in the school. Zionist administrators, you know what they mean by Zionist, they mean Jews.

Good to see a Liberal note that the “diversity” the Left trumpets has nothing at all to do with ideological or intellectual diversity. I have been saying that for years. Like everything with Leftists, this is about control. Controlling speech through intimidation, and threats. Control the dialogue, and you will control everything, the Left realizes this. Which is why we have to say enough, and stand up to these Marxists masquerading as warriors for “justice” and “equality”. It is time we exposed their causes for what they are, false flags to cover their real goal. The destruction of this nation. Understand this folks, these miscreants are every bit as tangible a threat to our way of life as ISIS is. They both seek or subjugation and demise. The means might be different, but the ends they seek will destroy this nation, and individual liberty.

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