Yep, this is where our universities are headed

Don’t believe me? Ask any student with a brain at Missouri

Grunting thugs of the Black Lives Matter stripe have claimed the scalp of a university president:

The University of Missouri president and chancellor stepped down Monday after weeks of unrest over ambiguous accusations that they had been insufficiently responsive to racial “oppression” on campus.

That is, “oppression” of the most conspicuously privileged group in the world, the blacks who are condescendingly pampered and weirdly revered by the liberals in charge.

University system President Tim Wolfe stepped down after weeks of campus protests, including a hunger strike and boycott by 30 black football players who accused him of showing “negligence toward marginalized students’ experiences.”.

Hours later, Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin, who leads the Columbia campus, announced that he would step down at the end of the year after nine university deans called for his resignation.

These deans are cowards who will do anything to placate the feral Black Lives Matter mob, in a desperate and despicable hope that the crocodile will eat them last.

But critics said the specter of university officials forced out for not doing more to combat “systemic racism” on the flagship Columbia campus demonstrates the waning authority of university administrators and the growing power of left-wing protest groups.

In other words, the animals are eating the zookeepers and will continue to do so as long as there are any left to eat.

The pretext for the unrest is a few minor incidents of alleged racism, any or all of which could well have been hoaxes.

Mr. Loftin responded to the incidents by ordering mandatory diversity and inclusion training starting next year.

But this absurd and tyrannical brainwashing was not enough to placate the mob, because nothing will ever be enough so long as the mob keeps getting its way.

In its letter calling for Mr. Wolfe’s resignation, the Missouri Students Association said, “While no isolated incident led to this moment, the continued offenses at the University of Missouri have accumulated into irreparable damage to the student experience.”

In other words, “We are demanding his resignation for no particular reason other than to show who is in charge here.”

The most specific accusation against Wolfe appears to be the claim by the black power agitator group Concerned Student 1950 that he “reported he was ‘not completely’ aware of systemic racism, sexism, and patriarchy on campus.” That is, that he did not embrace the most preposterous aspects of leftist ideology with sufficient enthusiasm.

God help us if we do not push back NOW against these Stalinists

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