Your Sunday Links that don’t suck

Politically Incorrect Conservative kicks us off by asking if Liberals do not know how evil (yes, I said evil) the #BlackLivesMatter movement is, or if they just do not care

Yankee Marshal breaks down the actual chances that you will be a victim of “gun violence”

Gun Free Zone illustrates the difference between college Libs, and college Conservatives

Soylent Siberia has a woman drinking coffee while nude Yes, NSFW

Mandatory has the greatest sauces of all time

Wirecutter has honesty in advertising

I Love Bacon has guilt

Feral Irishman has Femme Fatales

Double Trouble notes how coffee changes everything

A Nod to the Gods:You want random?

Wyblog: Did you ever notice that Obama lies, a LOT!

Stephen Green- then they came for manliness

Theo Spark: A Jew speaks to Team Obama

The Right Way has some Rule 5 awesomeness

The Right Scoop has Carly Fiorina destroying Liberal Feminists

The Other McCain: Hillary is lying, people are dying

Last Tradition has a beautiful lady

Lonely Conservative: Of all the things that suck, ObamaCare is the suckiest!

That Mr. G Guy recognizes the peril of unchecked Islamic immigration

Reaganite Republican has your toon fix

Proof Positive has the BEST of the web

Prager University lays out the truth about Radical Islam

Political Clown Parade: Screw you Mets fans!

Pirates Cove: That Ted Cruz gets it

Nice Deb: The truth the media will never report

Moonbattery: Students support fired resource officer

Mike McDaniel updates the War on Policing

Michelle Malkin eviscerates the Dimmest Bulb on TV

Legal Insurrection: Well THAT is incovenient

EBL has Halloween cheerleaders

Doug Ross: So how many Syrian refugees will your state bring in?

Doug Powers: The foolishness of Christian gun grabbers

Suckers on Parade has the latest idiocy from Marxifornia

By Other Means has BIKINIS

Bluebird of Bitterness has cute animals

Bearing Arms: One less thug in Chicago

Astute Bloggers: Hamas is evil

Fritz: Hillary is a liar

90 Miles From Tyranny Cops punished for telling the truth

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