Yet another wannabe victim lies about being racially profiled

I have said it before, this is what Racial Obsession Syndrome and Perpetual Victimhood look like

The failure of white police officers to support the narrative by oppressing persons of color threatens to undermine the liberal agenda. Fortunately for moonbats, this failure is easily rectified by the use of hate hoaxes. For example, Dorothy Bland, a woman of politically preferred pigmentation, was endangering her own life (not to mention behaving like a lunatic) by walking in the road in her hoodie with her back to oncoming traffic, wearing earbuds so she couldn’t hear the cars coming up behind her, and flapping her arms like some kind of deranged dodo bird. Two police officers politely suggested that she walk facing the oncoming traffic so as not to put herself at risk. Since Ms. Bland is the dean of the University of North Texas journalism school, she knew enough to recast the episode as a tale of oppression:

Knowing that the police officers are typically armed with guns and are a lot bigger than my 5 feet, 4 inches, I had no interest in my life’s story playing out like Trayvon Martin’s death. I stopped and asked the two officers if there was a problem; I don’t remember getting a decent answer before one of the officers asked me where I lived and for identification.

Oh of course, she was mere seconds from being another Trayvon Martin, just because she is Black of course. And if you watch the video you hear the officers explain why they stopped her immediately, but the truth is Inconvenient when you are trying to feel like a victim.

I remember saying something like, “Around the corner. This is my neighborhood, and I’m a taxpayer who pays a lot of taxes.” As for the I.D. question, how many Americans typically carry I.D. with them on their morning walk?

Well, I carry my ID everywhere, as do most people, but, of course, I am not a self-imagined victim, so…..

Do you realize I bought the hoodie I was wearing after completing the Harvard University Institute for Management and Leadership in Education in 2014? Do you realize I have hosted gatherings for family, friends, faculty, staff and students in my home? Not once was a police officer called. To those officers, my education or property-owner status didn’t matter. One officer captured my address and date of birth.

No, what mattered is you were walking in a street, when there is a sideWALK, made so idiots like you can walk OUT of the street, where you do not impede traffic

I guess I was simply a brown face in an affluent neighborhood.

And, if you had been White, doing the same thing, you would have been treated EXACTLY the same!

According to Dean Bland, she was stopped and harassed for “walking while black.”

As for what actually happened, Corinth Police Chief Debra Walthall set the record straight:

“My officers, a field training officer and a recruit, observed Ms. Bland walking in the roadway wearing earbuds and unaware that there was a pickup truck directly behind her that had almost come to a complete stop to avoid hitting her,” Walthall wrote.

“The driver of the truck looked at the officers as they passed and held his hands in the air, which implied ‘aren’t you going to do something about this?’ The officers turned around and drove behind Ms. Bland.”

That’s when the officers turned on their dash camera and emergency lights. They never sounded the sirens. The officers approached Bland respectfully, explained she was impeding traffic, and politely asked her to walk against traffic so she can see when vehicles are coming and move out of the way, if necessary.

This poor deluded woman wants soooo very badly to be a victim of oppression.

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