Why are members of the Cult of Gun Control so violent?

Case #1

Throughout October, gun control advocate Andy Parker, father of slain WDBJ reporter Alison Parker, was a frequent heckler on a Facebook page maintained by pro-gun state Sen. William M. Stanley Jr., R-Franklin County, commenting critically on virtually every post. This escalated until Tuesday when Parker wrote, “I’m going to be your worst nightmare you little bastard,” and another that read, “When you see me again, you best walk the other way lest I beat your little ass with my bare hands.”

Obvious threats from a deranged man. Yes, I feel incredible sympathy for Parker but he is actively looking to attack the most basic of human rights, that of self-defense. 

This body of messages led Stanley to contact the Capitol Police and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday and make a report. He also sought an application for a concealed handgun permit.

“I take this very seriously as a threat against the safety of my family,” Stanley told the Washington Post.

News of the report brought quick condemnation from anti-gun groups, more Facebook sparring from Parker who called Stanley’s complaint “mind-boggling” and calls from Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat who has repeatedly backed harsh gun control initiatives, for Stanley to toughen up.

“Come on, Bill, you’re tougher than that,” McAuliffe said during a radio appearance on Richmond’s WRVA on Thursday. “Man up. Come on. This is ridiculous.”

McAuliffe is such an asshole, sorry he is. Wanna bet he would be screaming if anyone threatened him like that?

Story #2

You might not remember the name Jared Marcum, but you probably remember the situation he found himself in as a West Virginia eight-grader who was suspended and then arrested for wearing an NRA tee shirt with a rifle pictured on it.

The prosecutor in the case who slapped Marcum with a gag order and who had him arrested now finds himself in hot water for pulling a real gun—not one printed on fabric—because of Halloween decorations that he didn’t like.

A Logan County assistant prosecuting attorney has been suspended indefinitely after a bizarre incident involving a pistol and fake spiders.

According to Logan County Prosecutor John Bennett, assistant prosecutor Chris White was suspended on Wednesday due to an alleged incident that happened in early October.

White has been with the office for more than five years, according to Bennett.

“I never saw it coming, that’s for sure. Obviously, I wouldn’t have even hired him if I had seen it coming. And the fact that he’s been there five years and we haven’t had any incidents like this also, to me, is a pretty good indication it’s certainly out of the ordinary,” Bennett said.

The alleged incident happened on October 5th after several secretaries in the office decorated for Halloween. The decorations included many fake spiders that were throughout the office. Apparently, White has arachnophobia and became irate over the decorations.

“He said they had spiders everyplace and he said he told them it wasn’t funny, and he couldn’t stand them, and he did indeed get a gun out. It had no clip in it, of course they wouldn’t know that, I wouldn’t either if I looked at it, to tell you the truth,” Bennett explained.

Bennett says it’s his understanding that White didn’t point the gun at anyone or wave it around but did threaten to shoot all of the spiders. Bennett says the incident caused quite the scare for the three secretaries that witnessed it.

“Quite naturally, the ladies were concerned, as I would have been. Anybody would be, I would think, with a gun no matter where it was,” Bennett said.

Wow! Does Captain anti-NRA not know brandishing a weapon like that is illegal? Or maybe he thought those fake spiders had on NRA T-shirts?

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