I knew Tamron Hall would break my heart


Tamron Hall is absolutely beautiful, and seems like a nice, generous, charitable person. I have had a crush on her for years, but, alas, she is out of her mind apparently. Talking about Ben Carson’s comments on potential victims charging a shooter rather than waiting to be shot Hall went off on a tangent

Friday on MBSNC’s NewsNation, Tamron Hall addressed Ben Carson’s statements on gun control and how he would have dealt with the gunman at Umpqua. Towards Joan she remarked, “Joan, you have this following, of course, the comments in Oregon, saying that, you know, if he were in a situation, he’d say, hey, come on, guys, neglecting the fact that 20 of those killed in Newtown were children. “ While the charge of Carson here is that he would use children to attack a school shooter, it cannot be missed that she merged the incidents at Umpqua, Oregon and at Newtown, Connecticut. 

Carson, of course, was NOT speaking of Newtown, and certainly not about small children. Why Hall insisted on pretending he was is a mystery. Maybe objectivity, accuracy, and honesty matter not to her, But, Hall and her guests, including Joan Walsh, who could lose an IQ contest with a tree stump did not stop smearing Carson there.

While Walsh did point out that there were teachers amongst the victims, she gave affirmation to the idea that Carson would have children attack the gunman. “This may take a toll, because he sounds crazy. But on the other hand, the base has shown an appetite for cruel and delusional comment.” Following on that indictment, she continued, “But you know, this is a guy that compared Obamacare to slavery. So, he’s got this history. He’s this mild-mannered seeming guy, soft-spoken, obviously very bright, who’s got this history of very cruel and kind of crazy statements.”

Walsh, of course is a walking, babbling litany of crazy statements who makes a career out of saying cruel things about Republicans, so it is truly rich to hear her bashing anyone. Hypocrisy much Joan? By the way allow me to say, regarding Carson’s comments on ObamaCare and slavery that he did not compare them. He said that ObamaCare was the WORST thing to happen to America SINCE slavery! In other words he was saying slavery was awful, the worst thing in our history, and ObamaCare was the worst thing to happen to us, again, SINCE, slavery existed! That is not a comparison of the two at all. That this foolish narrative still exists that Carson compared, or equated slavery to ObamaCare shows the lack of critical thinking in our nation today.

As I said, I expect idiocy and dishonesty from Joan Walsh, that is her area of expertise, but Tamron Hall, a Texas girl, should be better than that. 

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