If You don’t Read These Blogs…………..

………then you are likely a Leftist Metrosexual vegetarian Atheist who hates guns and college football, and thinks Lena Dunham is both hot, and a great actress! So, don’t be one of those people, READ THESE BLOGS!

Pirates Cove has the greatness of the Sunday Pin Up Post

90 Miles asks What Would George Washington Say?

Nice Deb has her Saturday Matinee, always a must-read!

Proof Positive has Best of the Web!

Moonbattery: Did you hear the one about the Black White Supremacist?

Animal Magnetism: Will those Liberals ever learn?

Campus Reform has the news that saying “minorities” is now causing offendeditis

Don Surber exposes the media lies about the number of school shootings

Maggies Notebook: Obama, the Joyce Foundation, and their war on your right to self-defense

Mike McDaniel: The war on your essential right to bear arms

The Lonely Conservative: Why yes, President Obama did use false stats about guns

The Other McCain: Never mind the Kentucky Derby, the Intersectional Oppression Derby is where it is at!

The Right Scoop has blame shifting Liberal style

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