Your Sunday Top Twenty Irreverent Blog Posts

Lets kick this pig off with Solylent Siberia, who appreciates lingerie NSFW, or Feminists, or overly Social Conservatives

Knuckledraggin sums up Obama’s presidency

I Love Bacon notes what it takes to get great parking spots

Feral Irishman is pumped about booze at Taco Bell

Double Trouble: After he resigns, John Boehner will not have to do this to Obama anymore

The Chive has Country Girls

A Nod to the Gods salutes boobs NSFW

Woodsterman has some very irreverent items

Political Clown Parade has the “balls” to address the Trump/Fiorina/Lowry mess

Crazy Uncle Bubba is REALLY going to enrage the Feminuts with this one

Remember to check out GoodStuffs Blogging Magazine

90 MIles has some hard truth

Suckers on Parade asks the age old question. Too soon?

Reaganite Republican has Sunday Funnies

Stephen Green shows incredibly insensitivity to the Religion of Stampedes

Theo reminds us that laughing at others failures is fun

The Political Commentator has some Food Porn!

It Ain’t Holy Water has an irreverent joke

Fritz has DEATH by Selfie, Shark, and Cucumber!

Pitsnipes has some random images

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