What The…? Juan Ellis Bush Stands On His Tiptoes For Group Photo At GOP Debate

Bizarre Moment 6ft 3In Jeb Bush Towers Over Trump By Craftily Standing On His Tiptoes For Group Photo – Dail Mail

Jeb Bush found a surefire way to put himself a head above the other candidates during Wednesday night’s debate – standing on his tiptoes.

As the Republican hopefuls lined up for their group shot, the 6’3″ Bush was caught on video glancing at Trump and then sneakily pushing himself up to add a few inches.

The trick made Bush – already the tallest person in the group shot – stand out just a little bit more from the other candidates.




Bush did not just do it once either, and was caught at least twice by cameras as he set himself up for the shot.

He also managed to stand out by stretching his arms a bit to take up more room than his fellow candidates.

Bush also came out strong in the beginning of the debate, going after Donald Trump as soon as he got a chance.

He went after the real estate mogul for inviting Hillary Clinton to his 2005 wedding, to which Trump replied; ‘Jeb, I was a businessman. I got along with Clinton, I got along with everybody.’

When Bush tried to keep going however Trump managed to shut him down, but not before saying; ‘More energy tonight, I like that.’

Bush also went after Trump saying that he tried to get casino gambling going in Florida but that he shut it down.

Trump said this was not true.

‘You wanted it, and you didn’t get it, because I was opposed to…’ said Bush, who was cut off by Trump saying; ‘I would have gotten it.’

Bush tried to close it out by saying; ‘When he asked Florida to have casino gambling, we said no.’

Trump’s reply to that was a simple ‘No.’



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