Sunday Link-Apalooza-Mania-Fest

Linky Love a lots of it

Wizbang notes that Maybe a marker for the Black anthers needs to be removed too

Theodore’s World, new to the blogroll here, notes that a hero may be punished, and that the Trumpamaniacs might want to slow their roll

Doug Powers: Could the Democrats find a worse candidate than Hillary?

Pirates Cove has the greatness of Sunday Links! and If All You See

The Other McCain: So, there are honest Feminists!

Last Tradition has the Moral Retardation of the Day

Gateway Pundit notes that yes, Communism still sucks!

Moonbattery wonders how Obama would have responded to Pearl Harbor

Legal Insurrection notes that Bobby JIndal has the proper response for the Westboro Bastards Cult!

Fire Andrea Mitchell salutes those fighting back against the Cultural Stalinists

As always, Nice Deb has her Saturday Matinee it is MUST SEE!

Theo Spark has the FAILS of the Month

Randy has Friday Nite Funnies

Reaganite Republican has Saturday Links

Intellectual Froglegs has the Froglegs Minute

A View From the Beach has the lovely Annet Mahendru

By Other Means has Sirens

Political Clown Parade has some Zen for us

EBL notes Marco Rubio turned the tables on the the media

Another new addition to the blogroll is Blur Brain check it out 

We cannot forget Goodstuffs Cyberworld

Also welcome Bookworm Room to the Blogroll

Big Fur Hat: Oh Hell No!

Yet another new addition here is A View From The Porch which has a good post on ammo

Proof Positive has the Best of the Web  and the Friday Night Babe, Yanet Garcia

Diogenes’ Middle Finger: Oh HELL NO part 2

1389: Whose side IS Ketchup Kerry on anyway?

90 Miles From Tyranny: Obamacare = Communism?

Angry Mike: Don’t mess with an armadillo

Animal Magnetism: How to argue gun control

Astute Bloggers: Carly Fiorina rocks!

Bearing Arms: Texas pastor 1, thug 0

BCF: Man this Iran Deal sucks!

Bluebird of Bitterness: Funny tigers!

Bob Owens: Civility? With Leftists?

The Last Refuge: Shit just got real!

Daniel Greenfield: Our decadent civilization

Clash Daily: Melissa Harris-Perry Nuclear Grade Stupidity

Doug Ross: What is the President hiding?

Free North Carolina: A Black man’s thought on attending Robert E. Lee High School

It Ain’t Holy Water: The Truth!

Mike McDaniel: What is our duty?

Prager University: What They Haven’t Told You about Climate Change

Regular Right Guy: Andrea Mitchell brigs it to Hillary

Rio Norte: The danger of Trump

Saberpoint: Some history y’all need to hear

Right Way: Rule 5!

A Nod to the Gods Saturday Pics Some NSFW

Double Trouble: Lingerie anyone?

Feral Irishman has his Friday Femme Fatale

GuySpeed has this 

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