Sunday Links

We lead off with Donald Douglas, who loathes Southerners, (who he thinks are Nazis, and Stalinists as well as morally inferior to those “enlightened” folks up North) so much so that he is quoting the New York Times and praising noted Leftist race-baiter and racist Ta-Nehisi Coates. Descent into insanity anyone? 

1389 notes that Wal-Mart thinks that Confederate soldiers were worse than ISIS?

90 Miles From Tyranny notes the greatness of firearms

Fritz celebrates bikini-wearing car washers

Bob Owens notes that surely the SCOTUS  ruling means we will have national reciprocity on concealed carry as well as a great video explaining gun control in 47 seconds

Blazing Cat Fur: Robot Equality now!

Bob Belvedere notes the wisdom of Clarence Thomas

Cordite understands women

Clash Daily: Charlie Daniels blasts anti-Southern bigots

Doug Powers: Here is another lying Gun Control Cultist

Doug Ross: The SCOTUS has lost its damned mind!

EBL: Man this Gay Marriage thing is a major league clusterfuck!

Fire Andrea Mitchell: Nikki Haley hugs Sharpton

Gateway Pundit: Micro-aggresions! 

Goodstuffs has, well lots of good stuff

Intellectual Froglegs anyone?

It Ain’t Holy Water reminds us to exercise

John Lott-The Myth of American Gun Violence

Mike McDaniel, excuse me Mr. President, but………

Moonbattery: Then they came for the Swedish flags

Mad Jewess: Did you ever notice that Infowars sucks

Nice Deb has her invaluable Saturday Matinee

William Teach is a blogging legend

Proof Positive has the Best of the Web

Protein Wisdom: What is next………….

Randys Roundtable: Have you seen my yard?

Reaganite Reagan has the funnies!

Regular Right Guy: The War on Jindal

Rio Norte: Fall From Grace

Saberpoint: Walter Williams says it so well

Wyatt Earp: Soccer babes!

Tavern Keepers: Get the EPA outta my fridge!

Texas Fred: Screw NASCAR!

That Mr. G Guy: The Left is KRazzzy!

The Lonely Conservative: Normal?

The Other McCain: Prelude to nothing good

The Right Way: BABES!

Chive has really cool photos

Coed: That has got to hurt!

Double Trouble 2- Short shorts!

Feral Irishman: Leftism as Cancer

Knuckledraggin: What in the Blue Hell….

Soylent: Corestmania! NSFW

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