You know what the most crucial part of immigration is?

It is an aspect no one really talks about, it is assimilation. See when you wish to move, to immigrate to a nation, you need to assimilate yourself. you must learn the language, history, culture, and legal and political systems, in short you must BECOME an Italian, Brit, American, Spaniard, Russian, etc. Donald Douglas has a story of someone who does not grasp assimilation at all.

And to think, this girl has been in the U.S. since she was 2-years-old. How’s that assimilation going for you, leftist open-border fanatics.

At the San Diego Union-Tribune, “Undocumented UC San Diego student waves Mexican flag at graduation, unfurls controversy“: 

Indira Esparza, a 22-year-old undocumented student who moved to the U.S. when she was 2, proudly unfurled the green, white and red flag of Mexico as she walked across the stage.

Lyndsay Winkley, a reporter with The San Diego Union-Tribune, covered the graduation while U-T photographer John Gastaldo captured images. As colleges often do with media outlets at this time of year, UCSD had suggested we focus on Esparza for several reasons.

As Winkley wrote, she overcame financial insecurity, anxiety over losing family members to deportation and judgment from others because of her Mexican citizenship. She helped establish the Undocumented Student Services Center at the university so students like her could talk about their struggles. She wants to become an educator. And she refuses to waste any time beginning a master’s program at UCSD; she started two days after the ceremony.

So, in all her studies, has young Indira not studies assimilation? I think she would greatly benefit herself if she did. Nothing wrong with owning a Mexican flag, or hanging that flag in your home. Nothing wrong with holding onto your language, and culture, but if you want to be an American, then BE an American FIRST!

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