So, you think Donald Trump is a Conservative?

Smitty gives us a peek at Trumps’ “interesting” campaign contributions


Now, I am sworn not to vote for Jeb, but this bit did give pause (h/tDaTechGuy):

Pete asks:

What is to stop Donald Trump if denied the GOP nomination, if denied the speaking spot he wants at the convention, if he develops a grudge against the eventual GOP nominee or if he wants to just feed his ego, from going the Ross Perot route running as a 3rd party candidate and dividing the vote to give Hillary the White House?

Let’s just stipulate that we’ve substantially collapsed into an aristocracy. We’re watching a mostly boring and puritanical version of Game of Thrones here. Clinton, Bush, and Trump are all hedged to score a fat pile of cash, irrespective of outcome. But the cash is more about keeping score at that level than it is, say, servicing the mortgage.

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