Sunday Fun at the Blogs

Pirates Cove has the greatness of the Sunday Pin Up and a story of an evil Communist priest!

Donald Douglas: Kid, doing ‘shrooms and attacking cops is no way to go through life

1389: And now, cats eating pizza

90 MilesfFrom Tyranny: This girl has REALLY good trigger discipline and, on a serious note, We Are ALL Pam Gellar!

Fritz: When Hillary loses hacks like Dana Milbank………….

Among the Joshua Trees: BASTARD!!

Brigade: Bad Ideas?

Angry Mike: Baby got BACK!

Animal Magnetism: REDS!

Astute Bloggers: The Left will blame Israel for  this of course

Bob Owens: Obamas’ plan to silence gun-related speech

Bluegrass Pundit: I hope the coffee was extra hot

Bring the Heat brings the Lightning!

Bunkerville: No wonder Bernie Sanders stinks

Bob Belvedere: The Left as ostriches 

Campus Reform: Indoctrination at OU

Cordite in the Morning: Happy Birthday Mr. President

Conservative Treehouse: I guess Obama was too busy to note D-Day

Daily Pundit: Anti-gun nuts have their heads in the sand

Daniel Greenfield: The incredible entitlement of the welfare lobby

Suckers on Parade- Man the Left really hates White guys

Doug Ross: Larwyns Links

EBL: Remember the heroes

Fire Andrea Mitchell: Pam Gellar vs Imam Swine

Goodstuffs: Oh Emily!

It Ain’t Holy Water! Oh the Absurdity!

Mad Jewess-Leftist Haters gonna Hate!

Mike McDaniel: Who knew this Marco Rubio was such a law-breaker?

Moonbattery: Obama vs Madison? No contest!

Newsbusters: President Lindsey Graham? Not no, but Hell no!

PCP: Right Jabs

Proof Positive: Best of the Web

Protein Wisdom: Fascism? Communism? Sister ideologies

Rio Norte: Where is that fine line

Wyatt Earp: Ten years?

Lonely Conservative: Why “equality” sucks

The Right Way has a linkaround!

Theo: Do you believe?

Weasel Zippers: DeBlasio is a Communist

Chris Wysocki: Who the Hell wants a Hillary supporter on their couch?

A Nod to the Gods: RESPONSIBILITY!

The Chive: Ah, girls in white shorts

Double Trouble: Ah, Hump Day

Feral Irishman: Good dog

Knuckledraggin: My kind of Feminists

Soylent: What is it about a naked woman drinking coffee? NSFW

More later

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