Sunday questions Link-A-Round

The Right Scoops asks if MSNBS exists simply to give idiots a chance to prove their idiocy?

The Other McCain: Is it my fault for not ogling fat lesbians?

Donald Douglas: Is it my fault I look at hot women?

1389: has anyone else noticed that the leader of Turkey is batshit crazy?

90 Miles wonders if people on psych drugs are worse off

Fritz: Did you ever notice how scandal and Clinton just go together?

Bearing Arms: Baltimore shows what befalls those who ignore Ben Franklins’ wisdom

Blazing Cat Fur: Doesn’t the Left realize they are destroying diversity?

Daniel Greenfield; You really think the Left cares if their policies lead to more crime?

Diogenes Middle Finger: Did you ever notice how sexist the media is?

Doug Powers: Why the media will blame the GOP for Obama Care implosion?

Doug Ross: What do you mean you do not rad Larwyn’s Links?

Noisy Room: Are you for freedom of speech or not?

EBL” Mary Mosby, Why are you lying?

Goodstuffs: have you seen these women?

Big Fur Hat: Where the Hell were these teachers when I was in school?

It Ain’t Holy Water: Brunch anyone?

Old Virginia? Isn’t Walter Williams a national treasure?

Nice Deb: Have you seen my movie matinee?

William Teach: Have you seen MY Sunday Pin Up Post?

Political Clown Parade: Is Marie Harf smarter than a rock?

Proof Positive: Have you noticed that PETA has some hot supporters? Also, have you read my Best of the Web?

Guns and Bikinis? Do we really need anything more?

Reaganite Republican: Who wants laughs?

Regular Right Guy: Is Bernie Sanders senile?

Rio Norte Line: How did this clown ever get to be a professor?

The Last tradition: Who likes curves?

Lonely Conservative: Is Sharptons’ daughter as crooked as he is?

Theo Spark: Who does not like this commercial?

Wyblog: Obamanomics is redefining SUCKS

Double Trouble? Who is ready for hot women in leather?

Feral Irishman: Who does not like this photo?

Knuckledraggin; Who wants to bet this guy is a Democrat?

Soylent: Corsets!!

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