Applebees blocks Moonbattery and Weasel Zippers?

Moonbattery has the details

A reader saw for himself how it does work when he tried accessing Moonbattery using the WiFi at an Applebee’s. Here’s what he saw on his phone:

This content has been blocked because it does not comply with the acceptable usage policy. The request was logged.
Intolerance, Jokes and Humour, Safe Content Filetypes, News, Web Content Group Unauthenticated IPs IP [IP address]
Content of type Intolerance blocked: Content filtering URL

They won’t say they are censoring us for defending traditional values. That would be the wrong spin. We will be silenced because those who express views they don’t tolerate are “intolerant.”

Attempting to access Weasel Zippers produced the same message. Whether the block was placed by the local franchise owner or the corporate entity is unclear.

Wow, I wonder if this blog is blocked too? I suppose I could go there and find out, but that would mean actually going to an Applebees. EWWW!

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