It is Sunday, so go read these blogs

Fritz has the naked news! And by naked, i mean NEKKID! Nekkid as explained by Lewis Grizzard

90 Miles exposes our Class Warrior in Chief

Bob Owens: It is not Black vs White, it is good vs bad!

American Thinker: Why I love “hate speech

Bob Belvedere gives us 50 Shades of… Hillary?

Doug Powers: Oh NOW Democrats get how awful Obama Care is

Moonbattery has a video of what some are saying about President Hope and Change

Pirates Cove has the invaluable Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup Post! If you do not read it, then you are a rabid gun-hating, Obama-voting, tax the rich Leftist who has 124 COEXIST bumper stickers on your car

Lonely Conservative is worried about Susan Rices’ grip on reality

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