Your Weekend Wrap Up, Link-a-Round, and Best of the Blogs all in one

Fire Andrea Mitchell has news of an ISIS camp just across our border

Breitbart: Out: Climate Change In: Sustainability

A View From the Beach: Britt McHenry thinks she was hired for her brains?

Hickok45 has one cool shotgun

Soylent has some NSFW musical referrence

Miss K is hitting the road

Knuckledraggin is one charitable guy

Feral Irishman has one cool video

Double Trouble has some Asian beauties

The Chive has Caturday

A Nod to the Gods: Does anyone care about the law anymore?

Zions Trumpet has some cool old pics

American Power: Should have learned to box

90 Miles: Did you ever notice what an idiot John Kerry is?

Average Bubba has some Rule 5

Goodstuff has Supergirl

Proof Positive has Best of the Web AND his Friday Night Babe Ronda Rousey

Wyblog: Crazy teacher plays Race Card

Weasel Zippers owns two Liberals

Blackmailers: Damned Adult Preschools!

Bluebird of Bitterness is not a Hillary fan

Bob Belvedere notes that the world is upside down

The Last Refuge has another tale of civil forfeiture

Theo: Hookers for Hillary

The Right Way has Rule 5 Saturday

The Right Scoop: What someone on MSNBS said something asinine?

The Other McCain: Canadian Feminism?

Lonely Conservative: Yep, Obamanomics SUCKS!

That Mr. G Guy: Happy 5th to me!~

Bill Quick: Move along, nothing to see here

Daniel Greenfield: The War on Marriage, and gender, and……..

Doug Powers: If Sarah Silverman was as smart as she tries to pretend she is………..

Doug Ross: Larwyn’s Linx: The Hill to Lie On

Shall Not be Questioned has some news links

EBL has the FUGLY face of Feminist hate, and the ugly face of Hillary’s tipping habits

Rumbear has what Liberals think Conservatives eat for breakfast

Rio Norte Line: Communism in the Pentagon?

Regular Right Guy: Yes, Mika Brezinski is still an idiot

Reaganite Republican: WTF is wrong with Sweden?

Randys Roundtable pokes fun at Obama’s incompetence

Gateway Pundit: Pro-Hamas group suffers butt hurt over truthful posters

Gay Patriot: Ted Cruz walks into a Gay wedding…………

IOTW Report: Cops cannot win

It Ain’t Holy Water has Sarcasm

Legal Insurrection has Minimum Intelligence Week

Matt Walsh: You want $15 an hour for working in fast food?

Mike McDaniel: Yes, swords can kill you

Moonbattery: Green Hypocrisy thy name is Leo

Nice Deb: If Obama is not a Communist, he missed a darn good chance

Old Virginia: Honoring Robert E. Lee

Protein Wisdom: Great old tune

Polotical Clown Parade: check out the new Hillary T-Shirt

Pirates Cove wraps this with another Liberal who is not as smart as he thinks and of course with a girl grilling in a thong

3 thoughts on “Your Weekend Wrap Up, Link-a-Round, and Best of the Blogs all in one”

  1. Appreciate you buddy! Finally back home for a well deserved vacation after six weeks in Texas. Hoping they send me back to Texas instead of up north again.

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