The Bats And The Bees: Obama’s Easter Sunday Nightmare (Video)

White House Replaces Easter Bunny With A Bat – Canada Free Press


The lily white and seashell-pink eared Easter bunny must be a – big, bad racist.

That’s right, Peter Cottontail, being white as a cloud is racist, doesn’t teach the dangers of global warming to little Easter egg-hunting children, so the White House has already replaced him/her/it (LGBT politically correct) with a big, black live bat for this year’s ‘traditional’ Easter egg roll.

Dry your tears, children, Peter Cottontail will no longer go “hop, hop, hopping along”.

That was just a song, and Obama is singing a different tune.

It may be Easter where you are, but for all the children among the 35,000 Easter egg hunters on the White House lawn today, it’s cultural Marxism, writ big.

From the gleeful Washington Post reportage on the replacement of the Easter Bunny, you’d think that the last nail had finally been pounded into the coffin of capitalism.

“Kamilah, a Malayan Flying Fox, is helping educate kids about bats’ role as pollinators. (Organization for Bat Conservation). (Washington Post, April 6, 2015)

“What has big ears and soft fur and will be greeting children at the White House Easter Egg Roll today?

“A giant bat, of course.”

Peter Cottontail will no longer go hop, hop, hopping along anybody’s bunny trail now that the Marxist bat of sustainable ecosystems has been officially installed.

Parents: Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Cinderella will soon be undergoing sex change operations to better reflect the Gender Battles of Our Times. Anyone caught with Limbaugh’s ‘Rush Revere and the American Revolution’ will be branded as a dissident.

“Instead of the petting zoos of years past, Kamilah, a Malayan flying fox, will be hanging out – or, rather, hanging upside-down – off Rob Mies. As Kamilah’s spokesman and the executive director of the Organization for Bat Conservation, Mies will explain bats’ role in the ecosystem. (Post)

“Bats are important pollinators of bananas and avocados, the cacao plant, which we make chocolate from, and even the agave plant, which we make tequila from,” Mies says.

“Kamilah is just the bat for the job, Mies says: She’s outgoing, charismatic and loves people. However, like most bats, she is nocturnal.

“She can be a little groggy in the morning, and we have to be at the White House at 4:30 a.m. to go through security and be sniffed by police dogs,” Mies says. “I wish I could give her a little cup of coffee or something.

“When people see Kamilah’s 5-foot wingspan and cute, pointy face, they are often “shocked but not scared,” Mies says. Plus, the giant bat is a good role model for Michelle Obama’s healthy eating initiative, as she mostly eats fruit.”

What’s a little shock when you’re a 3-year-old little gaffer sussing out chocolate eggs?

Why should the small fry of the day be allowed to live in their innocent fairytale world, when Barack and Michelle Obama can read them their own version of global warming fairytales?

Why should the tradition of Easter at the White House that survived through a long bevy of ‘other presidents’, a tradition dating back all the way to 1878 when Congress kicked would-be egg rollers off of their lawn and President Rutherford B. Hayes invited them to the White House instead, when cultural Marxism is running the show?

“President Jimmy Carter introduced a petting zoo in 1977, which included a 1,200-pound steer named Big Red. (Post)

“Kamilah, however, will be the best animal attraction yet, Mies says.

“I think kids will be more intrigued by the bat than an Easter bunny – unless that bunny is hopping around with a basket full of chocolates,” he says.

And for any little toddlers who may be frightened off by Kamilah’s fabled 5-foot wingspan and be disappointed that a bat got to replace the Easter Bunny, so what, as far as the Obamas are concerned, it’s time they learned about the ecosystem from a fruit-eating bat, anyway.


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Panic And Blood Curdling Screams From Children At Obama Event – Daily Caller

Panic ensued and the blood curling screams of small children rang out Monday as Barack Obama read “Where the Wild Things Are” during the Easter Egg Roll event.


Bees were attacking.

“They sting!”

“They’re scary!”


Obama tried to calm the children down, claiming “bees are good.”

“They won’t harm nothing. They won’t sting you.”


The president then began to read Maurice Sendak’s children’s book, hoping to distract the crying children.

“Hold on! Hold on! You guys are wild things! You’re not supposed to be scared of bees when you’re a wild thing!”

The White House has its own beehive on the South Lawn and uses the honey in recipes, but where was Charlie Brandt – the official White House beekeeper – during all this mess?



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