Salon-Setting new standards in idiocy


Oh that Pit of Eternal Liberal Stupidity!

In a new updating of the Swedish dictionary that will roll out later this month, the gender neutral “hen” will join its brother “han” and sister “hon” as a third person pronoun to use when, as The Guardian puts it, a person’s gender “is unknown, because the person is transgender, or the speaker or writer deems the gender to be superfluous information.”Oh, language, is there is nothing you can’t do?

Though the Swedish “hen” has been around since the sixties, it never really caught on until just a few years ago, when the country’s transgender community began embracing it. Since then it’s been quietly making its way into the vernacular, getting a previously unexpected boost from preschool and nursery school educators eager to teach young children without the often confusing weight of “his or her” construction. Lann Hornscheidt, professor of Scandinavian languages and gender studies at Berlin’s Humboldt University, told the Washington Post Wednesday that “The introduction of a pronoun which challenges binary gender norms has been an important step, following a more thorough debate over the construction of gender within the last ten years.” Now hen’s ready for its imminent official embrace.

These morons actually focus time on such issues? Call it a war on pronouns I guess.

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