Your Sunday Best of the Blogs

Pitsnipes has some random pics

Donald Douglas notes how Asians are being punished for scholastic success

Michelle Malkin: When a hate crime is Not a hate crime

Mike Miles sums up President Alloof!

Moonbattery: Sweden has lost its damned mind!

Fritz explains just what the LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM means

Nice Deb: Is this more smart power?

American Journal has Girls with Guns!

Old Virginia: John Randolph examined

Angry Mike: That is one fast car

Pirates Cove: Sorta Blogless Sunday Pin Up!

Animal Magnetism shares my admiration for Asian women

Prager Univesity: Hell yes the Rich pay their share

Astute Bloggers: Grover Norquist sucks!

Proof Positive has Best of the Blogs

Atlas Shrugs: Halal REALLY is barbaric

Average Bubba has some bodacious women

Bearing Arms: This ammo sucks

Bergheim Follies has some laughs

Big Hollywood features a GREAT suggestion for a job for ISIS

College Insurrection: George Mason is turning in his grave!

Conservative Hideout: Who Obama really thinks are terrorists

Daniel Greenfield: We CAN win by killing the enemy

Clash Daily: Grow up Mr. President

Doug Ross: Why the Left Loves Them Some Islam

EBL: That Debbie WhatsHerName is UGH!

Joe Dan Gorman has another Intellectual Froglegs up

Big Fur Hat: A movie you might not have heard of

ISIS Bloopers?

Last Tradition has Jewel Santini

Lonely Conservative here come the nannies again

The Other McCain features more Sexual Disorientation

The Right Way has Linkage!

Wyblog: Stuck on Stoopit!

Zions Trumpet: Economic Order you say?

A Nod to the Gods has some NSFW posting

Knuckledraggin has a sad end for a furry friend

Feral Irishman has an old rock classic

Miss K takes a little trip

Soylent has a HAPPY hour! NSFW

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