My Super Sunday predictions

Well, here w are, the culmination of another football season. Super Sunday, Seahawks and Patriots, a Katy Perry halftime show, fireworks, way too much pregame show, and yes, the commercials. So what do I think will happen? Hmmmm

The Pats will win because of better coaching, and because Tom Brady knows it might be his last shot at ring #4. And they will win because they will be agitated by all the morons pretending that they are “cheats”. Back in 2006, the NFL, made a decision to allow each team to brings its own footballs to each game. The NFL had to know that the quarterbacks, who all are very particular about the feel, weight, and inflation level of the football would use this rule, and stretch this rule, and bend this rule. The NFL had to know. So, I think it safe to say that most, if not every NFL team likely plays fast and loose with that rule, and thus the amount of air in the balls. That does not shock me. What doers shock me is that anyone is “shocked” that this might be the case. I mean really now. In a game where all teams will do anything to win a championship, why is anyone surprised that rules are bent? Who are the idiots that needed those dots connected for them?

Frankly, I am pulling for the Pats ONLY because of Deflategate, which is a non-story driven by the drama queens in the sports media. Frankly, most of the sports journalism today sounds more like high school girls gossiping to me than actual journalists breaking stories. (But, enough about ESPN’s First Take with Screamin A Smith and failed shock jock Skip Bayless. The show at least has Cari Champion who has a body to lust after, so I guess it is not a complete loss.) Then there are the press conferences, where sports “reporters” ask stupid questions that no actual sports fans care about then pat themselves on the back for asking “tough” questions, EGADS! In fact, I find football so much better when I ignore the useless press conferences with the scripted question and scripted answers. Frankly, I would prefer watching my neighbors Chevy rust than take in any sports press conference.

So, I am not taking in the press conferences, or the incessant pre-game babbling from former players saying the same things repeatedly. And I will skip the halftime show most likely. Katy Perry is quite attractive yes,  but her music is not in my wheelhouse and to be honest I will be watching the Super Bowl to watch, wait for it, FOOTBALL! I do not need a halftime show, or a three-day long pregame show. I love football, and this game should be very good.

Of course there are the commercials which used to be great. I say used to be because in recent years the ads all seem tame and boring because all the corporations are afraid of offending some whiner or another. Seriously, where have the funny spots gone? I guess PC killed them, Hell it has about killed all free expression so why not commercials too right?

And to top it all off NBC is broadcasting the game, which means we might get a lecture in Liberalism from noted anti-self-defense midget Bob Costas at some point. OH boy!

So, enjoy the game, and Katy Perry’s body, which is nice even if most of her music sucks, and heck you might even see a decent commercial, which will draw outrageous outrage from some whiny group somewhere. 

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