The Left in America: Take a Moment to Foment

Hatred that is! The Left cares nothing about the truth, theft cares only about achieving their aims, never forget that. The Other McCain lays out this in regards to the White cop shoots “innocent” Black youth narrative

Reuters reports:

Protests flared into early Thursday in the St. Louis suburb where a white policeman fatally shot a black man who brandished a gun at a gas station on Tuesday night.
A group of protesters marched onto Interstate 170 in the city of Berkeley, Missouri, around 7 p.m. on Wednesday, blocking traffic for roughly 45 minutes. The demonstration followed a vigil at the Mobil On The Run gas station where the shooting occurred.
The site was just a few miles from the Ferguson street where a white police officer shot dead 18-year-old Michael Brown in August, fueling weeks of protest in the region and across the country.

I would note that Rueters says that the Black man “brandished” a gun at a gas station. That is a lie surveillance video shows the Black man POINT his gun, directly AT the police officer. BIG difference, but again, the narrative must be protected to further social justice so…

People obsessed with race keep pointing out white cop, black suspect, because fomenting racial hatred is all that matters to them. There is video of this incident, however, and police say it appears the suspects may have been attempting to stage an ambush: When the officer responded to a reported theft at the Mobil gas station/convenience store, he encountered two suspects, one of whom drew a 9mm pistol.

That 18-year-old suspect had an extensive criminal record, having been previously charged with “three assaults, armed robbery, armed criminal action and multiple uses of weapons since he was 17.” Police say the serial number had been filed off the suspect’s pistol, indicating the weapon was probably stolen.

From what we know, then, it appears that this suspect was a one-man crime wave — a menace to society, a dangerous thug — and the police officer who shot him was entirely justified in doing so. We have already seen how hateful race-baiting rhetoric motivated Ismaaiyl Brinsley to murder NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. As one retired NYPD officer said on CNN: “We have two dead police officers, and I guess Al Sharpton got what he wanted.”

The dangerous consequences of promoting irresponsible hate-mongers like Sharpton, however, won’t stop the liberal media from recycling an anti-police narrative which implies that in any conflict between a white cop and a black criminal, the criminal is actually a victim.

Absolutely correct. And this sort of thing is tearing at our national bonds. Basically, America, despite the Leftist narrative of RAAAAACISM, RAAAAACISM, and more RAAAAACISM, the truth is most of us care nothing about skin color. But, again, that is the truth, and the Left is trying to divide us, by any means necessary, to further their goal of social justice Communism. So, they foment hatred, invent racist incidents, pit Americans against each other, and stir up as much anger as they can hoping they can create more “incidents” that they can then use to create the type of fundamental change to our nation as possible.

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