Why can’t the media just be honest?

There they go again folks. Lying about people being sold guns without a background check

The sudden flood of background check requests on Black Friday is actually something of a problem for the government. In 2013, 186,000 people were allowed to buy weapons without a background check at all, according to the AP, after the FBI was unable to process their applications within the legal window of three days. The number of background check requests on Black Friday last year was over twice that of a normal day in 2013 — and 2013 was one of the busiest years in history for background checks, thanks to people making purchases as Congress debated new gun restrictions last spring.

Notice the paragraph above, it gives a reader the impression that those people were just given a gun without any background check at all. The fact is that all those people did undergo a background check, as Bob Owens explains

Bump and the Associated Press both have it wrong.

Every one of those 186,000 people were subject to a NICS background check.

Each and every one of them, without exception.

What happens during a NICS check is that the customer’s data is run against the NICS databases, and every customer submitted has a background check.

The gun dealer is then given one of three responses by NICS.

  • PROCEED: There are no “hits” in the database of any kind, and no ambiguities or irregularities in the databases. The FFL then proceeds with the selling process.
  • DELAY: This is where Bump and the Associated Press have their facts wrong. In this instance, the buyer’s data either matches or closely matches some data belong to a prohibited person. These transactions are flagged for further investigation to verify the identity of the purchaser, and to ensure that they are not prohibited persons. The customer must wait for three days for the NICS background investigators to do their investigations. At the end of that three-day window, the supermajority of transactions are allowed to take place once it was determined that “John Smith Doe” and “Jon Smyth Doe” are not the same person. These “false positives” constitute the majority of the work for NICS personnel. 
  • Those 186,000 people who were “delayed” are legally allowed to pick up the firearm if they have not been moved to “DENY” status after three days, but the investigation into their background hasn’t ended.NICS investigators will continue their work up to 88 days to verify the purchase status of buyers, and you know what happens if you are someone that should have been denied by was allowed to pick up a gun?

    Agents of the BATFE (ATF) come to the store that sold you your firearm. They obtain a copy of your driver’s license, your home address, and then they come for you. I’ve helped find and turn over that paperwork once before. 

Now why couldn’t the Post writer say that? Why not get the whole story, in context out there? I think we know why. The Left is really pushing their “universal background checks” idea. And a big part of their propaganda on that is that many gun sells do not involve a background check. This story helps that narrative.

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