There the Left goes again

Every problem can be fixed with more centralized governmental power? What a liberal fantasy

Here’s Sunil Dutta at the Washington Post

We should get rid of local policing. Ferguson shows why the system just doesn’t work.

Public outrage over perceived police misconduct has led to violence again, after a grand jury on Monday chose not to indict officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Various law enforcement agencies responded to control protests and stem rioting, including local police, county and federal forces. Buildings and police cars were set ablaze, amid tear gas, looting and vandalism in parts of the city.

While the response in Ferguson has been extreme, calmer demonstrations against police brutality and misconducthave been occurring across the country. Protesters’ slogans and the media’s obsessive coverage largely have focused on demands to punish individual officers and police departments. But the real problem with law enforcement is far more systemic. Issues of unprofessional and inefficient policing are rooted in our decentralized approach to policing, allowing some local departments to get away with subpar officer training, shoddy practices and corruption. This fossilized and inefficient system needs to be thrown out. Instead, policing should be managed at the state level, which would provide for higher-quality law enforcement and more oversight.

Well, of course, the fact is that the further away from the people power is removed, the more corrupt, and ineffective things get. That is true with everything isn’t it? William Teach nails it here

It’s interesting how virtually every policy from Progressives means more and more power in the hands of more centralized government, eh? They love the idea of moving everything away from the local level, where government can be more responsive, be held accountable to a better degree, where people know their government officials. This is a Progressive’s wet dream. Except when it negatively impacts themselves, then they are upset.

And, if this model were actually put in place, and failed miserably, the same folks, rather than learning from their errors, would call for national control, and eventually, international control no doubt. This is assured for two reasons. First, the Left never learns. Second, the Left is all about control.

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