There is crazy, then there is bat shit crazy!

And Stacy McCain offers some free advice to any college student that regurgitates inanities like this 

Cornell University may be the only Ivy League school with a “diversity” quota for the mentally ill. Or maybe the students were sane until they got to Ithaca and started studying under the tutelage of radical professors. At any rate, the Cornell campus is swarming with lunatics:

A student-sponsored event at Cornell University (CU) claimed capitalism and white supremacy are “institutions that promote rape culture” and “must be destroyed.”
The event, which recognized a “National Day of Protest Against Rape Culture” late last month, took place in CU’s William Straight Hall. Bailey Dineen, one of the sponsors of the event, reprimanded Cornell and the justice system and accused “white supremacist, imperialist, capitalist, [and] cisheteropatriarchy,” for promoting rape culture, according to the Cornell Review.
According to the event’s Facebook page, End Rape Culture, where 323 students confirmed their attendance, “[v]iolence and fear are a constant feature of our society.”
“We cannot pretend that ours is a progressive culture when sexual violence remains a daily fact of existence for minoritized identities,” the page says. “Advances toward ‘equality’ cannot purport to signify much when the reality of rape burdens women and queer bodies at every moment and remains a fixed part of the history and present of people of color, people of lower-income, and other groups rendered powerless in our society.”
The page goes on to declare that “[s]o long as sexual violence exists, it will be used as a tool to ensure subordination in the interest of maintaining a white supremacist, capitalist, cisheteropatriarchy.” . . .

If you are ever tempted to use the phrases “minoritized identities” or “cisheteropatriarchy,” you should seek professional psychiatric help — or apply for a scholarship to Cornell University. Apparently, they have a Department of Bad Prose that teaches students to write this kind of impenetrable jargon. Their incomprehensible rhetoric is perfect forexpressing their incoherent beliefs:

[O]ne of the event’s three organizers, Bailey Dineen, read an approximately 9-minute speech/poem (it had qualities of both) concerning her personal experiences and attacking rape culture . . .
At several points in the speech, Dineen began to cry, and in the audience several students were seen crying, too.

Are you having a protest, or are you having a nervous breakdown? At Cornell, it doesn’t matter. To-may-to, to-mah-to.

Lots more at the link, including a video. I find it sad, tragic really, that some college-aged students actually believe this intellectual garbage. They see themselves as victims, although they attend Cornell, hardly a sign of real victimhood. Yet, they spout these phrases, which are largely meaningless, as if they have stumbled upon some greater truth. Like I said, very sad

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